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    What would you be interested in discussing?

    pros and cons of going to Qcat or using your insurance
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    Roofer - South Brisbane, recommendation needed

    John New age plumbing 0414 629 798 he has fixed a couple of roofs that other tradesman in the area couldn't.
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    Pay for Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Inspection: Yay or Nay???

    we no longer take on management with out the smoke alarm cover $99pa and covers you for the year. we are finding that a lot of the alarms use by date have expired and need to be replaced and for the $99 they are covered. agents cant do it as we are not covered under our insurance and...
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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    If you have not yet contacted your tenants now would be a good time to touch base and advise them to close all there windows, move anything off the ground that they don?t want to get wet and clean all drains. It looks like it going to get very wet over the next couple of days.
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    PM making typo on lease contract

    I would not normally post such a response in a public forum however, when an agency is named, I feel it is only fair that they have the chance to tell their side of the story. As soon as the issue was identified, the owner was notified. It was an honest mistake and action was taken...
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    Think ahead for your leases!

    Liz how are you finding things at the moment. I cant believe the amount of applications we are processing at the moment.
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    Think ahead for your leases!

    after the 15th jan to the 15 feb is the best time in Brisbane
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    Think ahead for your leases!

    yep we have had 3 properties all takeovers than finish on the 25 to 30 dec currently finishing off February lease renewals and about to start march.
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    Chirstmas Present for PM

    Thank that has made my day. that and the 11 applications we received today.
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    Chirstmas Present for PM

    I was discussing this with my wife last night. The perfect gift for your Pm is a thank You. looking through my emails now 90% of them would be from tenant or Owners wanting something. rarely is there a happy email just saying thanks and happy Xmas. the Gift of a positive email out of the 100s...
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    Buying block of units

    we manage this property that is for sale now. The sales agent asked us for a yearly statement of costs the other day. didn't look at the numbers myself but if you email him he might release them to you ...
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    Low cost Property Management in Brisbane

    thanks also if you are looking for a rent collector only
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    60 Minutes expose on Ionisation smoke alarms

    Just been advised about a story on 60 minutes coming up this weekend. See below preview. httpd:// The old type (ion) and the one associated with the fire in Logan that has generated this story has the radioactive symbol on it. The...
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    Q on changing PM

    hi Guys happy to help if needed. I would look at changing now that way the new agent can do a initial inspection and address any issues with the tenant before asking them to move at the end of the lease. I would look but depends on how bad the tenant is to extend the lease or make the...
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    Help with Real Estate App

    Most people that try and build a System struggle with the trust aspect. or they build the trust account section and think they are done.