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    Split level home (200K) builderin Brissy?

    Thanks Bellaran Hey Thanks - i will check it out. S
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    Split level home (200K) builderin Brissy?

    oops...drawing didn't work Obviously my elaborate drawing didn't work... Cheers
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    Split level home (200K) builderin Brissy?

    Hello Does anyone know of a builder who builds split level homes at an affordable price? The land is in Brisbane. The block is level at the front, then drops straight down about 3 metres, then is level again. So side view is: Front ------- ] ------------...
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    ASAP please-Buying land this arvo

    We are first time land buyers. Anything I should know before I sign a contract this afternoon? Cheers Sioban
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    Brisbane Land Update

    Thanks for info re Coral homes Hi Sue thanks for that info on Coral homes. We are looking to build home for investment. cheers Sioban
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    Property Flipping - Dos and Don'ts????

    Hi I'm looking into property flipping. I would REALLY :D appreciate any tips that more experienced investors can offer me. Particularly, what are the costs involved in flipping - stamp duty, agent fees, interest paid on loan. Anything else? Any Dos and Don'ts? Thanks Sioban
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    Financial Planner recommendations-north brisbane?

    Thanks!! Urban Cowboy, RicePud and GeoffW Thanks so much for your help! We'll check them out. :D :D :D :D Cheers Sioban