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    Enjoy the trip mate, very exciting times ahead
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    Buyer wants to cancel contract..can they?

    I wouldn't be taking legal advice from your real estate agent. Speak with your solicitor.
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    Caveats and Tips on buying OTP in Brisbane with SMSF ?

    See you in 5-6 years time
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    End of an Era

    Big thanks from me too for providing this incredible resource and all the work behind the scenes from the mod teams plus all the people posting valuable and entertaining information - has really helped me jump right in to property investing.
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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    Apart from BOQ, what are the other lenders that will do 90% no LMI for a Chartered Accountant on slightly less than 150k gross? Talk of ANZ in this thread, but not sure if they have the same limits as Westpac for income.
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    Beach front property for only $16,000!

    uh yeh, these are everywhere. Go into most beach side caravan parks and you'll see caravan's/units for sale.
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    Development Feasibility Spreadsheet Template

    Play lots of Tetris
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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    Oxford Street?
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott the environment

    Water tanks and add to your DIY depreciation schedule from Youtube
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    Converting electric cooktop to gas cooktop

    I did this for a townhouse I own. Noticed gas pipes capped off near my property prior to purchase so knew it could be done. Another townhouse has gas also. I was always going to covert over to all gas, so heater, oven and hot water. I had to get my own plumber out to commission the...
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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    Hey Shahin, do you know if there's some leeway in the 150k for Eastern States, eg would they take 145k?
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    Lowball offers, questions.

    Lose the conditions, you need to be serious on this offer - not stupid repair conditions. Just factor in the cost and remove that cost from your price instead. Keep it simple so the seller cannot say no. Short settlement, big deposit, no BS conditions. I wouldn't bother with all the...
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    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    Wait until they start putting their own portable air con's in each room come summer time.
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    'Medico' package (85%+ LVR with no LMI) for IT workers

    Are you a member of the ACS? If so, might be worthwhile to check with them to see if they have any lenders that offer specials for members.