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    Leasing property for first time- help pls

    Sorry I forgot to mention take the granny flat mention out BUT ensure when showing the property the agent mentions you are looking to put a granny flat in the backyard if the council approves (I would also have it added to the lease of your plans) This is how I would market the property and it...
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    Leasing property for first time- help pls

    The communication you receive today from your agent will be an indication to the communication you will have in the future. They have already shown to you they don't listen and don't call back!! Therefore it is good to find out now how poor they are so you can find a new agent. 1 photo is a...
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    And I thought I'd seen bad tenants...

    Wow, thats one p....... off tenant! Or did the owner do it for insurance!:D
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    Department of Housing lease - experiences?

    I done a few over the years, mainly in the occupants name but DOH would be better and safer.
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    Fallen tree

    Only covered by insurance if it fell and damaged,smashed something. It is the owners responsibility not tenant to remove.
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    any good PM in Hornsby area?

    Hi Steadyrich as posted last week, I would love to help you!
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    How offended would you be? Would you do something?

    If it only happens during wake up times who would care??
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    friend manage tenant - tax deductible?

    Hi Scott no mates, this idea would work but owner wants to claim management fee against his tax which will involve tax invoices etc. Therefore cant do.
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    friend manage tenant - tax deductible?

    Will she also supply you with tax invoices/statements for her fees? You will require before claiming. And as above she doesnt have a certificate/licence/trust fund therefore illegal.
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    Which good tenants to choose?

    I dont just rely on income but also check employment references, current managing agent report and TRA check. Plus when I meet them who do I have a good feeling about.
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    Water bills

    Different rules for different states. In NSW tenant reimburses owner for water usage only.
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    can anyone recommend a suitable gas leak detector

    Scott no mates, the canary was tested in an enclosed environment, proved that he could detect, died and now certified?;)
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    Rental Information for Bondi Junction?

    There are also web sites or that may help as well to give you a guide.
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    Recommend good PM in Hornsby

    Hi Steadyrich, I am based near Hornsby and have been around for 12yrs. If you wish to email me off line I would be happy to help you.
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    does your PM give you exit / entry report with new tenants?

    Hi Donkey, only .1% of my landlords ever ask a copy of the ingoing inspection report and non ever ask for a copy of the outgoing BUT if they wanted a copy I can email them with in mins.