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    Journey so far - $75k salary (average), 5 years, 10 properties

    Enjoyed reading this post. What kind of trades people do you use, and how did you find good ones?
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    2 weeks into lease and need to replace aircon

    I had a situation where we bought a property with the tenants remaining in it. Two weeks later they told me the security system stopped working. The tradie said the wiring and the main motherboard was fried. Still not sure if it was poor timing or the tenants just wanted to see if they can get...
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    Struggle Street

    When suburbs like Blacktown, Doonside etc slowly increase in value as families move in and replace the housing commission folks, what happens to those people, where do they end up going? I would assume that there is always going to be a % of the population that fit this low-income profile. Do...
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    Plumber Recommendations Western Sydney

    I was looking for a plumber, and decided to use your recommendation. Gary was great, i am glad I went with him. Charged me a very reasonable fee, and went beyond just attending to my problem, by checking other areas of the house. Would second his recommendation. He was very professional, and...
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    End of Lease - Electricity Reading

    Hi everyone Our tenant is leaving the premises in under two weeks. We are moving into the house shortly afterwards. I want to confirm if it is correct to say that the tenant arranges the electricity to be disconnected from their name. As per the below link at least...
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    Tenant requested to break fixed lease - We want to move in

    Just to confirm when we bought the property the tenants were already there and the tenancy agreement was done before we owned the property. The tenants are easy to get along and they agreed to give us 4 weeks minimal from today, and a 2 week notice after that.
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    Tenant requested to break fixed lease - We want to move in

    Hi everyone I have a slightly different situation. We are self managing a place with tenants who are on a fixed lease until Feb 2015. Our intention was that we wanted to move into this properly at the end of the lease, we informed the tenants of this when we purchased the property. Yesterday...
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    Interest Tax Deductible - Scenario

    Hi Somersoft Forums Can you please help me understand if the following scenario allows the interest to be claimed on the loan. We had a PPoR that was split into two loans as follows. PPoR loan 1: ($82k) PPoR loan 2: ($200k) PPoR loan 1 had a redraw account, that we were unknowingly...
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    Change of owner - Agreement in Place

    HI all Thank you for the replies. I spoke to the Managing agent yesterday who was very helpful in explaining the change over. I will be sending the contact details shortly. Hi Macca, I had a good read of the attached when we bought our first property, but thank you for the heads up.
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    Change of owner - Agreement in Place

    Hi all We are settling on a property on Monday, and would like to self manage it. There are currently tenants at the place who have recently signed a fixed contract to remain there until Feb 2015. We are fine with that. My question is what is the procedure when it comes to change of...
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    % split on IP for tax

    Thank you all. Very quick. The property will be positively gears from the start. We don't expect to sell it in the near future. From what has been said, it sounds like a higher % should be allocated to my wife. I will definitely try to get professional accountant advise.
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    % split on IP for tax

    Hi all My wife and I are in the process of settling on a property that will be an IP for some time and eventually converted into out PPoR. Our solicilor is asking what percentage amount we want to put in each persons name. My income is around $70-77k while my wife's is around 20k...
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    Advice on increasing borrowing capacity

    We are currently with Commonwealth, and the pre-approval for the new loan was done with them as well. Perhaps asking for pre-approval from other lenders is an option for us. I would imagine there would be additional costs for going with another lender? I personally don't believe that our...
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    Advice on increasing borrowing capacity

    This is our current situation. We currently have 1 PPoR and 1 IP. My wife would like to get a bigger house before any more kids. That is not my preferred option, but I had to compromise with her (that's another story). We agreed that an option we are both happy with would be to find a new PPoR...
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    Based place/s to learn about SMSF

    Thanks guys. Much appreciated.