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    Landlord Insurance

    I'm insured through NRMA - just over $400 ($300 excess) after multiple-policy discount and no-claim bonus. This covers building insurance for $200k, rent default, vandalism or malicious damage, legal fees after rent default, $10m public liabilty, etc. I shopped around but they were far cheaper...
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    market slow in this period of the year?

    Speaking from experience my last two properties were bought in Dec/Jan. It wasn't really a strategy per se but on both occasions the vendors were very motivated to sell and I was able to negotiate good prices. There were also less buyers so less competition. I think that a good deal is there to...
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    Residex's Dec report - median price for Melbourne & Brisbane to reach $500,000 in 08

    This really annoys me too. My first property was a 2-br unit in the south. It wasn't my first choice as I grew up in a big house with a big backyard/pool in the eastern suburbs. I had to make sacrifices and settle for what my budget would allow me to buy at the time. I think the problem with a...
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    HELP! Melbourne or Brisbane

    Thanks for the feedback. Kaf, the main reasons why I'm looking at investing outside of Syd are to minimise my land tax bill, spread my market risks and I feel that both Mel and Bne offer better returns in the short-medium term. As with Lynn, I also feel that Mel's further into the boom...
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    HELP! Melbourne or Brisbane

    Hi, First time poster. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your insightful posts. This is such an awesome site! I'm in a position to buy IP4 (currently own 3 IPs in Syd) and I'm torn between Melbourne and Brisbane. I have a budget of $400-450k and my preference is for a...