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    Ipad- Best Price

    It'll be hard enough to find one in stock let along best price. But fwiw the prices are the same in all retailers.
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    Insurance up by 75%

    They are passing on some govt imposed increase. But I was told the increase is 15% so not sure about the other 60%
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    Park for 4yo party

    thanks everyone for the ideas. please keep it coming :) we'll most likely go visit each one of them to check it out.
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    Park for 4yo party

    Hi there, Our 4yo is about to have a b'day party. We are thinking having it at a park. Could anyone suggest a park on the lower northshore (NSW) area that has kids playing area (swing & slide a must) and access to toilets. Thanks
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    Renting ourselves and move out of PPOR

    forgetting the period when you use 80% of 1st IP to buy PPOR. if you turn PPOR to IP then yes you can claim tax deduction. the thing is even if you claim tax deductions (ignoring tax bracket i.e. whether it's worth it or not), you only get the deduction back once a year. that won't help...
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    Renting ourselves and move out of PPOR

    if you are struggling to make repayments then does that means you have tight cashflow? assuming that's true then turning your PPOR into IP and rent will only make sense if end of month the rental income - expenses (interest + outgoing rent) is within your cashflow. otherwise wouldn't you...
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    Buying a car using an IP.

    there is no other way if the car is for personal use. post tax dollars is it.