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    End of an Era

    I'm really sad. Been part of this since I was living overseas in 2000 and made a lot of friends. Some more than just internet friends. I'll be in to secure my name for the new site. I'm glad I can keep Simon and not have to add underscores and numbers etc :-)
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    Hardwood fence-weathering

    Just got back from a dive teaching gig on an island in the Philippines. Hating this cold weather. Planning my next trip now.
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    Hardwood fence-weathering

    Yes I did. This was a result of the recent storms we had in newcastle which blew the fence down completely. I was overseas and my gf spoke to her. She only wanted a cheap colourbond fence and agreed to pay half of that but if I wanted timber I'd pay the difference. so I got a quote for...
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    Hardwood fence-weathering

    Put in a new hardwood fence. Mixed colours but I fully expect it will weather to grey in no time. Neighbour is feeble minded. She had a shout at me because she has never heard of such a thing and why didn't I put in a nice grey fence. Given hers is North facing I suggested it would be...
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    Aussie slang

    I'm not so sure. They are pissed when angry. My mate told me he was sweating like a Maori at a spelling bee.
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    Tenant just sms to cancel viewing Sat morning

    I agree Just call her and discuss it. There might be a problem which is easily solved by a five minute chat.
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    Bali Nine

    How can you be alive in Australia and say there is zero compassion for these guys? Making absolute statements which make no logical sense really weakens your soapbox. Perhaps you were only talking about yourself?
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    Bali Nine

    How can that not move anyone who reads it. I wonder if maybe a lack of compassion is really a lack of ability to empathise with fellow human beings. There is a name for that.
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    Are you left or right handed

    Do you guys know the actual Latin names for left and right handed ness? Dexter for us normal right handed folk hence dexterous. Sinister for the evil lefties.
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    Male pup , to fix or not to fix ?

    Intact male dogs roam. My Vet friends tell me they also get hit by cars more because of this. They also advise doing it before 6 months so the adult male behaviours don't start. Once they start then desexing doesn't undo it all.
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    lets hype Newcastle

    To be fair Mayfield is a big suburb. Prob the equivalent of three suburbs.
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    Checking sold price

    Sent via kudos Thanks mate
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    Checking sold price

    Hey team, House two doors up from me was for sale. Sign just got replaced by a for rent sign. Not sure if it sold or owner changed his mind. Can anyone look this stuff up for me?
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    New Wave

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    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    Being an Army Officer had its moments. But right now I'm sitting in a beach hut with no shoes on getting ready to teach some diving. View from my office