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    WA Granny Flat

    Not half built. You plan a 2x1 which can be extended into an 4x2 without much hassle when the subdivision occurs.
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    WA Granny Flat

    Thanks INVSTOR. If possible, a 4x2 can be designed and only a 2x1 70sqm part of that can be built. Later after the rezoning, can be extended. Well if the rezoning is really going to happen, this could be a costly option. But if rezoning is quite far away or not too sure, could work...
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    WA Granny Flat

    Interested to build a granny flat, but didn't get any quote. Once one of the granny flat builders mentioned $140,000 for a 70sqm GF inclusive of approvals etc, but that is not even brick. Interested to know more about the quote you got.
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    Can you powder-coat over anodising?

    You mean anodised aluminium? If so yes.
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    Potential negative gearing changes

    Well, as Sanj pointed out, NG is one of the factors pushing the price up. And my post was anti-NG as well because I did not mention some other numbers. ;) I mentioned a $400k property in Huntindale and how it is hard for someone working in Canningvale or Maddington industrial areas to buy...
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    Potential negative gearing changes

    BayView, I wasn't arguing anything. I just gave some numbers which I know. I have no problems with NG. It is legal. Cigarettes and alcohol are legal too. Millions and millions are spent for television advertising against cigarettes. Thousands die each year because of smoking. But cigarette...
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    Have you ever paid over asking price?

    Yes! And as per poll, 40% of investors pay more than the asking price. It simply means that the investors are pushing the prices up more and more. In WA, in certain areas the price growth has stopped. Seems the investors are getting more worried about the future of mining and are buying...
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    Sponsoring 457 Visa holders and public school

    The wages in this country is too much, so people who are willing to get paid less gets the job. That way the business is profitable. A friend of mine replaced a leaking tap. Called a local plumber (An Aussie Aussie - you all know what I mean) and was charged $480. For a $70 tap from Bunnings. A...
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    Potential negative gearing changes

    I really shouldn't get into this as there is no point arguing with people who have made up their minds. Anyway... In another thread, an IP was mentioned in Huntingdale (WA) at $ 375/w. One such property can be bought for 400k. Let's assume both a FHB and an investor will be getting the...
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    Perth nightmare!

    30k should not be spent in Thornlie huntingdale area unless you are planning to sell. For a $375/w house, I wouldn't spend more than 15k.
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    Where to buy in Perth?

    Langford have changed and I reckon it will do well capital growth wise as well as it is still cheaper compared to all suburbs around it (cannington, thornlie and Lynwood)
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    Bali Nine

    Well, Australia was given a message on the Anzac Centenary day. It was a really really well selected day for a very specific message. :(
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    Somersoft leading indicator through the roof

    Yep, the charts are for experts and experts can interpret as they wish. As per the above chart, Sydney is going to crash. Nope, all other states gonna boom :cool:
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    "your property success with renovation" by Jane Slack-Smith

    I don't have a copy, so I don't exactly remember. But I reckon it is not exactly about Reno, but a good read though.
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    Why is there so much nastiness around

    Are you that boy or his dad? ;)