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    PM in Everton Park

    thanks UC and richard. I will follow up on both recommendations and met with them when i am in brisbane nex week. Thanks again. Simon
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    PM in Everton Park

    Can anyone recommend a professional PM for the everton park area? Any feedback appreciated.
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    Using businesses to buy real estate

    Hi All, We too have had our business for just on 2 years. We started it from the begining and it has been a very long haul. We currently have 15 staff, but we are still very self managed. It has been very hard on the cash flow, and although our PPOR is sitting at 40% LVR, we are struggling...
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    fantastic forum

    thanks casper, can you or anyone else please explain the abrievations LOE & IMHO. thanks simon
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    fantastic forum

    Good Morning All, This is one of my first posts here. I really would like to just compliment this forum and all of its contributions that have provided unlimited knowledge. I have actually been reading most forums daily for 6 months, just reading and learning. I am at the stage where our...
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    Are you still buying IP's?

    Hi Michael, can you please explain "section 221d withholding tax variation form" or direct me in the right way. Regards, Simon
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    Student accommodation

    Hi Tracey, as always your responses are factual and informative and always a pleasure to read. Can you please explain the term "landbanking". thanks simon