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    Looking for a fencer in Perth I have called four places they either don't return calls or are booked for weeks - any suggestions?
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    We didn't pay the 400 back then we backed out. We picked ours up last year for 267, 4x2 ducted air conditioning double garage etc and getting 330 per week in rent and a sizeable depreciation benefit this year. We are going to hold for some time I am not sure I would be into buying development...
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    Perth Property Market updates

    people place way too much importance on coffee.
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    Spot on. It's not the so called "fundamentals" a fuzzy term used to justify the current Sydney bubble.
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    Perth Property Market updates

    Ours was break lease too, we are now into week 9 without a tenant and we believe we have also 'met the market'. I think the fact that we are having this conversation on this thread speaks a lot to the stage of the market in Perth, pretty dire. We are going to use the vacancy as an opportunity...
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    Elizabeth Downs -Hot lead for low cost Mortgagee Sale

    I bought a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom double garage property in munno para west as an investment in October last year and paid under 270. I lived in Andrews Farm a few years ago (worked on the Northern Expressway) and we had signed a contract to build in Andrews Farm back in the hay day when a house...
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    Perth Property Market updates

    In what areas?
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    Tax Return Workbook

    I don't think it's quite that simple
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    Tax Return Workbook

    Hi I have been looking online for a spreadsheet/workbook to calculate my likely return for this year, as my company's draconian IT policy prevents me from installing an earlier version of etax was looking for something in spreadsheet format. Any ideas?
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    See Change and Richard Feynman . let's hype the sydney market thread .

    The lending criteria hasn't changed all that much - no discounts on interest rates come on its lip service from the banks to apra.
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    Perth Property Market updates

    Which area?
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    Perth Property Market updates

    We have been without a tenant after they defaulted due to job loss for two months in Girrawheen and have dropped the rent by 15 percent. Things are sounding very sad over in Perth.
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    Perth houses are currently as affordable as they were in 2003 and 1996

    I agree there are lies, damned lies and statistics. Shadow loves them. But I agree Perth is stagnant if now backward for the foreseeable future. Recession is in the post and Sydney prices will be smashed.
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    Shellharbour NSW

    we moved to shellharbour around 12 months ago. we love the area but rent here. shellharbour / shell cove is expensive to buy in my view, Warilla and Lake Illawarra present a reasonable opportunity in my view (I generally don't invest in property >$500k).
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    Interesting article from Terry Ryder re: inner city over supply

    He is on the money don't fall for the 'buy as close as possible to the cbd' nonsense..