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    The Property Mood in Perth - Feb 2011

    My son says he feels that Subiaco has a much higher crime rate than Northbridge, The Saphire Bar being well known for street brawls. Would be interesting to see the stats.
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    Ato Refund Scam - Be Aware!!!

    Trying to sell a car on car and have had about six of these emails too. All are working overseas and will have an agent collect the car, unfortunately they do not have internet banking and can only pay by paypal.
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    Distributions to Corporate Beneficiaries under attack

    I feel some billable hours coming on!
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    Distributions to Corporate Beneficiaries under attack

    My understanding is that this is only a Draft ruling and has not passed yet, is this correct? My accountant tried to explain the possible actions we could take, but it was as clear as mud. I understand if you cant pay the distributions from 16th Dec 2009, (which we can not as the payments...
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    PM Recommendation - Rockingham area

    I can recommend Noble Real Estate in Rockingham, they were recommended to me and I have also referred a colleague to them.
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    a list of BS jobs and scammers

    Companies that charge for advertising in booklets that do not exist. Companies that advertise goods as discounted when the products were never retailed at the full price Companies that have closing down sales - again and again Supermarkets and stores that advertise specials but never...
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    iPOD - Is this possible??

    Hi Petal I have noticed that the models have changed since I bought mine. With mine white noise or spring rain would be the closest sound to a fan, but I dont have sunrise. I am using Summer Night at the moment which is crickets. I dont mind the ocean sound either, which is a waves...
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    iPOD - Is this possible??

    I have a similar problem, because I have tinnitus I use a homemedics sound machine to block out the noise of my ears ringing. You can choose from themes like rainforest, ocean etc. I cant live without it now. It can be set to timer or to run until you turn it off.
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    Looking for PM Subiaco WA

    Any recommendations? I have gone from bad to worse. Thanks
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    Looking at furnishing unit

    A good tip is to buy crockery that can always be replaced one peice at a time when the tenants break it. The best brand I find for this is Maxwell and Williams white basics.
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    Anyone buying in Perth ??

    Newbie1 I find it odd that you think Rockingham is isolated but Mandurah is not, and I agree that the beaches around Rockingham are some of the best in the metro area (think of Point Peron area)
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    Management Fees

    This fee is very standard for a Perth property manager. In fact we have a furnished property that because it is let short term the property managers end up with 25% of the total income by the time you allow for inspection fees letting fees etc, etc
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    Difficulty in finding tenants for a Sunshine Coast IP

    I would also clean or replace the vent cover in the kitchen ceiling, and paint the inside of the front door white
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    Depreciator V Deppro

    I notice that depreciator mentions that building costs per the building contract should be used for depreciation, but I thought you would have to take out the builders margin. I am undecided on if I need to get a depreciation report done, as I work for the building company so I can print off a...
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    Visa Debit - Phuket

    I would also recomment to keep a copy of the passport in a separate location in case it is stolen, and the contact details for banks in case of stolen credit cards