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    Home Loan and LAND TAX with 1% ownership

    Hi Terry Yeah. All properties are in NSW. So it appeared that the 1% ownership is a good idea. It is good to know that my calculation in regards to this friend's land tax liability is correct Friend's land value is $402000 Daughter's land value is $198000 All below threshold.. t
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    Home Loan and LAND TAX with 1% ownership

    so just wonder what the member think of this. A friend wants to assist his daughter to purchase a property worth $500000.00. Land value approxiamately $200000.00 A friend current land value on his current equity, for the land tax purpose is just exactly $400000.00. To borrow money the Equity...
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    Canadian Welfare System

    Just curious.. I do not have any specific reason to be curious about canadian welfare system except to compare the canadian and australian welfare system whilst both country are in par as the prosperous country. Does anyone know what the government minimum payment to a family with 5...
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    Negative Gearing under spotlight AGAIN

    Negative Geared How does it work when NG was abolished. If an individual have 2 properties one positive geared and another were negative geared. Will the positive geared income be offsetting the negative geared and the TAXABLE income from wages does not reduced eventhough the offset does...
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    First, I wanna say that prior to this incident, I found that the former premier was not bad at all in managing state affairs...He was an ok premier. I saw him as a moderate liberal. Then the recent incident showed the color of a politician. I know no one is perfect. From time to time...
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    parabolic antenna

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone still be using parabolic is very heavy...large...taking large size of land on the backyard.... How do you dispose it once it is no longer needed? Anyone to share her/his experience ? T
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    cleaning the gutter

    hi investors I wonder if you have been required to clean the gutter due to recent rains. Can you say that the cleaning of the gutter from falling leaves are part of the investors responsibilities? or the tenants? Regards t
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    sliding bifold door on the rear house's verandah

    Happy Australia day, members. Just wonder if a council permit is needed to add/install sliding door on the rear's house of the verandah. What about to add doors and windows so it become a queenslander home. Regards
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    Epump decommissioned

    The difference from Epump and pay@pump is the epump will only allow you to use everydaymoney credit card, where else, pay@pump will accept any credit card... i will be looking for any pay@pump signage then in that case... cheers t
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    Epump decommissioned The above link has all the answers for my query :o T
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    Epump decommissioned

    :p Have you guys using EPUMP Has it been beneficial to you How do you feel that it is now decommissioned Do you think it will be replaced with a better technology product? Or it is more likely that it is not replaced due to more profitable instore product? There you go, hope it will...
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    Epump decommissioned

    Hi members any opinion? t
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    x collateral

    Does the finance institution have standard of chartered to obey by? It is so not ethical to have the bank selling your properties without giving you a better option as a consumer. I just could not believe that there is no law which would protect consumer's right. I would have thought...
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    common wealth bank variable rate compare here

    As a recent as a couple of weeks ago A family member is an insider :p:p:p
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    common wealth bank variable rate compare here

    An acquaintance refinanced with CBA. loan below 1m, 2 years fixed term for 4.76 %. Some lucky people t