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    End of an Era

    Thanks so much for the site everybody. I've really enjoyed my time here. Now onto PC! :) Bye everybody.
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    The Next Project Reno

    Yeah just the acacia wood pannels from bunnings for the benchtop. $100 for a kitchen bench :) and they hold up really well.
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    Is this reno viable? First time!

    Main advantage here from what i see is that you will be creating work for your brother. Electricians tend to be very handy and are one of the smarter trades. So he can probably do most of the jobs. If you have $70 000 worth of work that u can put his way, then thats awesome. Potential...
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    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    Couldn't agree more.
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    The Next Project Reno

    Thanks. I'm taking some days off of work to get stuck into the project. Big list of jobs to do on the place. You walk in and you're just surrounded by jobs to do. But one bite at a time I guess. Here's my awesome... $6.25m2 tiles I got off of gumtree. Not doing a very extensive reno...
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    First time renovator! Progress images

    Looks really good. Much better with that archway opened up.
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    Ask SS: advice for renovation in brisbane southside

    Where ever you plan to extend out from will obviously need to stay within the block set backs. Site coverage can only be a certain percentage also, so double check that if its a small block. New build is about $1500m2 but im guessing an extension would be a lot more bother because you have to...
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    The Next Project Reno

    More pictures. Putting in an electric fireplace to replace the old one that got ripped out when they moved the house. Keeping the old mantel. Threw in an archway. Still have to replace some roof sheets and paint the roof. Stumped it the other day.
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    Polished Porcelain Tiles

    I always buy 1 box of tiles for spares when I purchase new tiles. It's easy to knock out a tile or two if it's cracked or damaged and replace, just difficult to source an exact replacement years later. If you ever see damaged tiles in a property you can always ask if the owner has any spares...
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    Polished Porcelain Tiles

    Gloss tiles are much nicer imo. Ive put them in my houses without any dramas.
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    Uh oh. I've done another green DIY kitchen

    $10 000 and green... $10 000 and green... okay I need time to process
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    Black list is awesome. If you like it, then you should try boston legal as well.
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    Thanks for that.
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    Calculating how long left to pay off HECS

    My 4 year psych degree cost $24 000. Because of the way the tax free portion of my salary sacrificed income gets grossed up for hecs calculations, I end up paying a heap of hecs. In almost 4 years I've got the debt down to $11 200. Will be payed off in 2 more years :)
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    Thanks for the heads up. Just removed hola. So is there a safe alternative?