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    Is being an owner builder worth it?

    maybe different over there but i doubt it to be that much.. Over here I know how much some of the big guys pay for major materials and i know how much some of them pay for their trades and the difference doesn't equate to that... But if someone thinks they can owner build a house and save...
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    Birdsville Races

    Firstly, Are you going in a 4x4? Do you have any experience with travel like that before? What sort of thing do you want to see? there is lots to do out there, but all the stuff i know you really need a well set up 4wd to access... Tim
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    Is being an owner builder worth it?

    40%? So you think a big project builder would make $96k on a $235k Build? don't think so. At that end of the scale the price is more like 10% and if you owner built it you most likely don't have the buying power to get good enough pricing to save that 10% anyway. I can tell you 1 off jobs for...
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    Netflix..what are you watching??

    Brooklyn nine nine
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    Who here has build apartments?

    Who here has built apartments? Hey ALL! Im working on an upcoming project. Who here has built apartments? What did it cost for construction? How did the project go and did it sell? Anything you would do differently? What margins do you work to? I have a site and may be able to buy...
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    Buying new away from the city (40kms)

    my opinion is that if interest rates go up and we start to feel the squeeze, the new estates will feel it first and take longer to recover. I believe this is the case due to people buying there because they thats what they could afford and there would probably be large number that have 90%+...
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    Which design do you prefer?

    yeah id go for the laundry in the garage Tim
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    NSW Builders License Course

    Plus certificate 4 in building and construction.
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    NSW Builders License Course

    Trade qualification(4yrs) + 2 years Experience Or 10 years experience without a trade qualification...
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    Agent In-House Auctions

    i think it depends on the property also. I know a few agents that do lots of these types of auctions and they sell quite well. But they are mainly selling development potential properties and the purchaser doesn't really need to be onsite viewing the house again... The will also sell 2/3/4...
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    VIC: Custom townhouse Builders SE suburbs?

    Yeah, my mistake. I thought i would just through up the link for people to view as i didn't want to put up a whole advert as advertising is not allowed and I'm not on here to advertise anyway... ;)
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    Amend a planning permit?

    It's only 2 small hipped roofs. So scissors or raised tie would be a nightmare to get to work properly and also to install especially when it comes to the girders everywhere... So really just want to increase the wall height and keep it as simple as possible. Basically I know I can...
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    Amend a planning permit?

    Yeah it's just a development project. Aim is to increase the ceiling height to make the houses look bigger and obviously get a better sale price. 2400 ceiling are just too low these days. Don't really want scissor trusses as it either means a raked ceiling or bulkheads, both if which add costs...
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    Amend a planning permit?

    Thanks for the help lads I don't think it's that huge. I can simple lower the roof pitch a degree or two to compensate for higher ceiling so overall height won't change much if that's what they are worries about. Also spoke to the drafty today, he said easy done as we are well under height...
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    Amend a planning permit?

    Does anyone have experience with amending a planning permit? Specifically in knox council? I have just purchased a block in knox with plans and planning permit but want to make a minor change. There is a schedule of finishes which I don't like (red bricks specifically) and wanted to change...