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    cost of kitchen bench laminate stone or granite

    Hi S15, I recently used MCM Tile & Stone & was pleased the the price & the product. I believe they import granite & also stock Caesar stone. Details are as follows: MCM Tile & Stone 267 Edwardes St Reservoir 3073 9469 2958 Good luck & let me know how you go. PS. I'm just a happy...
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    Display homes

    Hi All, I recently sold a display home & thought it was fabulous value for the buyer. The company i work for is building 2 new displays in a nearby location & were looking for a buyer. So we sold the property with 8% lease for 5 months with options for extensions in the lease if we require...
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    Metropole properties

    Hi AL, Guess if you present the truth with regards to fact & figures, Metropole can't argue that, even if you were taken to court. Besides i'm sure that MY agrees that it would be beneficial for everyone in our community to know the truth in the spirit of learning. Regards Tony
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    unity is strength

    Hi Rolf, Love to hear some stories about some of the unusal/different deals that have passed your desk & why they were accepted/rejected Should make interesting reading Regards Tony
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    Metropole properties

    Hi All, I have watched this post with much interest & i guess it has been thought provoking in parts. I don't think this post should end just yet & i still have some points i want to make. So at the risk of offending MY & AL here i go. Firstly are the following statements correct? (1)...
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    Metropole properties

    Hi AL, I assume from your last post that your townhouses are vacant? So i guess your really hurting right about now? Hope i'm wrong for your sake & that all ends well for you. I think you also said that you planned on selling one of the properties & i guess that's also off the agenda until...
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    Metropole properties

    Hi AL, Have enjoyed reading this post especially your honest & open opinions. Nice touch that you don't rubbish Michael Yardley & his team, but it would be nice if Michael or someone from Metropole expand where AL left off. So Michael please fill in the gaps that AL left out, it would be much...
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    1% Deposit No Bank Approval

    Hi, Why don't you give the person offering the property a call & find out more about the deal, after all what have you got to lose other than some time & the cost of a phone call? Interested in what you find out. Regards Tony
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    The Mission!

    Hi Wombat, Not sure it's a good idea to pay him a friendly visit, wouldn't want it to get ugly & create even more problems on top of what you already have. Guess you must persue everything you can following the correct procedures using the correct professionals. Maybe the property managers on...
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    stainless or whitegoods?

    Hi Guys, Also agree with Michael Yardley & Mrs Bird, stainless steel is in & is suited for the clean, modern look of today. I actually think that white applicances are on the way out & while they will always be available, i think there popularity will decrease even further. But that is just my...
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    WRAPPER Charging 15% interest

    Hi Guys, Just to highlight a good outcome for a wrapee, i wrapped a property in country Victoria about 2 yrs ago. The deal went something like this. Orginal house was purchased for $80,000, after i negotiated very heavily, asked for & got over 10% discount. Wrapped to client for $107,000...
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    I am too scared to go forward !!

    Hi Guys, Haven't met Kristine before, but without doubt she is my fav person on this whole forum. Her posts are always thoughtful, encouraging, respectful & usually spoken with the thoughtfulness of a nuturing mother. So mum, would love to eventually meet you and maybe even do property...
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    Currency trading

    Guys, Gotta say this topic has sparked my interest! I understand the potential risk involved with foreign based loans, but there must be some way to hedge yourself against that risk. Maybe use some of the interest savings to trade the same currencies as the loan, but taking the opposite...
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    Currency trading

    Hi Flex, The foreign loans sounds interesting & i understand that there is some danger attached to doing this. Having said that i would love more info on this. Regards Tony
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    Seventeen Seventy?

    Brains, Speaking to a mortgage broker (in Melb) who had a customer & wanted to buy property in 1770 for some sort of development. This broker also showed me a newspaper article (think it was Fin Review) & it showed all the movers & shakers who have purchased land in 1770. The list was resonably...