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    Has anybody ever installed Bunnings acrylic splashbacks?

    An update, I just tiled a kitchen and it looks great. Remember to seal the grout, particularly behind the cooker, BEFORE cooking your first meal. Pro tip: if you need to turn boring white grout into WOW bright orange, Thai yellow curry paste lightly sauteed in peanut oil will do the trick...
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    Detached studio info in NSW

    STCA: subject to council approval... talk to your council or visit their web site.
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    Has anybody ever installed Bunnings acrylic splashbacks?

    Acrylic sheet is over $250 a piece, it's very expensive. Also as others have said, it cannot be used behind gas cookers (not sure about electric cookers either, better check) so you'll be putting in either tiles or stainless steel splash back behind the burners which is ~$150 for 600 mm wide...
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    6 months rent payment up front - in which tax year is it deemed as income?

    Will the NSW RTA allow this payment?
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    Letting apartment to your own pty ltd company

    Could attract STDs as well.
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    Goulburn has housing that dates from the mid 1800s to OTP, and much of the older stuff is superb. The "locals" are the same as you and me, in fact a lot of them are from Sydney and other big cities. Character homes (victorian, federation places with original features and sympathetic renovations)...
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    questions regarding allowed deductions

    No. They are capital works, or "initial repairs" which are depreciated at 2.5% per year, and not immediately deductible in full. Repairs are only deductible if they are to fix things that have worn or broken while generating income. Since the place has not yet earned income very little will...
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    Renovation before property is tenanted

    Repairs are deductible if they are for wear and tear incurred while generating income. Renovating a kitchen after 12 months will make no difference.
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    McMahons Point sydney

    If you're not too picky about which harbour bridge...
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    Should you furnish it?

    First thing is to know your target market. You sound as though you don't. Built in wardrobes might add some value but so might aircon. Your property manager should advise you.
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    AirBnB Success Stories

    Apparently the new thing is triple sheeting: fitted bottom sheet, an instead of a Doona, two flat sheets with a blanket in-between.
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    Suggest development types for L Plate developer

    The process of getting a gf built is good practice for a "real" development. Approvals, quotes, builders, certification, cost blow-outs and all the other stuff that can go wrong, on a smaller scale. :)
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    Renting By Room

    You'll be paying for all water gas electricity and internet so allow for that. You could do it by the book and do a lease and take bond etc which would give both you and the tenant some certainty.
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    Selling - marketing

    Great pics Thanks.
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    Agent sale commission

    Ask an agent or two. Varies greatly by location. I saw some agents in Mount Druitt were doing 1%. Sounds cheap, but they'd be selling off their books and would probably only have to do one OFI t get the sale.