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    Comment by 'wendoze' in media 'Kitchen/lounge'

    very nice! Complete with air vents... and love the colour scheme!
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    Kitchen Bench tops

    Hot right now are glass benchtops! They can come in any colour as you paint underneath. I'm going to do my kitchen with this.... I think it's a bit more expensive than man-made stone, though.
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    Kitchen renovation finished

    looks great, mate!
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    The 'improved courtyard' thread

    sweet, great idea to start off with googlemaps. Going there now! thanks heaps.
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    Council DCP plan recently changed - problem !

    i like the way Sheryn thinks!
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    The 'improved courtyard' thread

    you're a legend, Peter! Thanks for your interesting posts... am looking at turning the smallish-backyard we have into something similar to yours. The veggie patch will be first, yours looks great. You're doing a great job. One question - are you adding things "as you go", or did you do...
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    Ground Floor Extension & Removing Internal Walls

    Agree with Sports Fan... I just got two load-bearing walls removed - with 3 beams installed... the cost above was right... BUT: we needed to spend extra for: - repairing the timber where the walls were - repairing the skirting boards - rubbish removal - relocating power ($150 a pop) -...
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    Outdoor Dunny to Laundry - genius, or stupid?

    yeah, there were some things I hadn't thought of there... i guess i have to put my head into "what would potential buyers - as a mass populus" want... thanks!
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    Outdoor Dunny to Laundry - genius, or stupid?

    Hi Guys, We're looking at demolishing our dodgy laundry at the back of the house to make room for a nice deck (around 1m off ground)... I have thought of a couple of options for where the laundry could go, and wouldn't mind running it past you guys: 1) leaving washing machine there (will...
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    interior paint colours for 1930's gem

    Wow, popular colour, but I did my 1920s cal bungalow in Dulux 'Antique White USA', and the skirting/picture rails in pure glossy white. I love it. For the lounge, I did a "duck egg" blue feature wall, (I think it's called Taubman's Surfside Green), and i reckon it's in keeping with the house...
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    Vehicle Parking in front yard - is it legal?

    thanks guys :) wendy
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    Vehicle Parking in front yard - is it legal?

    Thanks, guys.... you're been most informative! If I may push my luck.... i've noticed my ENTIRE SUBURB (Balmain) is in a "Heritage Conservation Area" (According to council PDF)... meaning that my plan to enlarge my front gate so that the car can fit though is NOT exempt.... maaaan! If you...
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    Vehicle Parking in front yard - is it legal?

    Hi there.... I've recently gone through a series of bs with council trying to get an approval for driveway (pre-DA process)... which was denied on some very iffy grounds such as "do not want you to touch original fence", and "worries about pedestrian safety". Both houses either side of me...