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    Office of State Revenue checking up on our PPOR status - anyone else?

    I also received one for the first time this month. Had me wondering if I'd been flagged too. If they are doing a general check then I may have been sent the letter because the mailing address for my IPs is different to my PPOR. Still, there was no request to follow up unless circumstances...
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    Suggestion on what to do when the PM really messes up, repeatedly

    Follow the advice above and contact the recommended agents and ask them to take over immediately. They'll take care of the changeover. I wouldn't let inefficient managers have a chance to do more damage. It is better to pay out the management fee as a good manager will save you money from the...
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    Windows for reno - cheap options? standard sizing?

    Partner's reno will require 4 sliding glass windows of different sizes and purchase needs to be made very soon. Second hand windows were considered but most are very dated styles/colours and are priced around $150. Online new windows don't cost much more ie $224. Anyone bought online...
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    Terminating a PM?

    Doesn't sound like your PM friend is able to look after you quite as well as you had hoped. If that agency is the one you want, I would opt for the 8.25% management fee (if it's an option) and forego the 3 months free. Check that they don't have too many other fees to go with that too. The...
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    Terminating a PM?

    I agree strongly with luckyone. Put your concerns in writing to the owner, email or letter. Have a new PM lined up to take over. The new PM will take care of the transfer, and if they are good will clean up the mess left by the first PM. Any one of your complaints should be enough to...
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    What's your biggest water bill ever?

    Impressed that the council waived most of the bill. Would be very impressed if the same happened for me! I think Bayview you take the lead with a water bill for $10000..... Also, jim1964, thanks for the link. Many of the sensors on the list seem to work by detecting a leak from appliances...
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    What's your biggest water bill ever?

    Yes. In fact my PM was alerted to the problem here with a call from council, after flooding was noted on neighbours property. Unfortunately still a lot of water lost before it was detected, and even the plumber couldn't find the leak without specialised leak detection equipment.
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    What's your biggest water bill ever?

    Went around to check the meter. Current use from last reading shows 670kl, so around 500kl in excess water which at Council rates of $2.98 per kl will be around $1500 more than usual. Think I'll be the winner with the highest bill....... though the prize is pretty poor...:( Anyone else...
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    What's your biggest water bill ever?

    Major water leak, only detected after neighbour's property flooded, has occurred at my rental property and I'm bracing for what I expect to be a huge water bill. Knowing what others have come up against may help me to prepare for it. (and yes, I could get the PM to go out and read the meter...
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    South gold coast, tweed area property mgr

    Fees Don't have a recommendation for the area but encourage you to keep looking for another PM because the upside of getting a good PM can make a huge difference to how you feel about being a property investor. A common rate on the Gold Coast is 8.25% for PM fees. New lease - One weeks...
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    Yes, they do exist. You might try at Dick Smith. I think the one below sells for around $60. Model #: TFDVD7002 Catalogue #: GE4203
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    Anyone know how to get aerial/Sat photos?

    Pretty sure I've seen earlier aerial photos of Brisbane that I found on the BC Council website somewhere.... though they might have been from the 1940's.....:rolleyes:
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    How much notice do we have to give to change property managers? QLD.

    You can leave them immediately but it may cost you. I believe that most management agreements have a default '90 days' clause about notice. If you didn't alter that on the management agreement then should you decide to terminate early, you will be liable to pay them the commission they would...
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    Advertising a rental as 'pets considered' on

    A important point and not one that I had thought about.
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    Advertising a rental as 'pets considered' on

    Thanks for the responses all. I will let the PM know my preferences, and as suggested include the 'pets considered on application' in the main body of the ad. Will also make sure I know exactly what type/breed of pet the tenant has before approving any application. Would be nice to get...