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    Which Charity(ies) to donate to?

    $100/month each to Very Special Kids and local Geelong initiatives.
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    And further to this (and I seriously hope this was tongue-in-cheek, but I somehow doubt it), there was a letter in the Herald Sun today... I paraphrase: "A brand new Toyota Corolla is $25k. An 18-yo who only earns $5k a year would take ages to afford one. Someone should look into car...
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    Budget $330k Western suburbs Melbourne

    That's true. But I have trouble seeing how it will do the same over the next 6 years. :eek: Maybe it's this lack of vision that's holding me back...? :D
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    Budget $330k Western suburbs Melbourne

    Not Norlane/Corio unless you want your IP to be a crackpot. Seriously, the LOWEST socio-economic zone of the area. About 5-7 yrs ago, when you could pick something up for < 200k, maybe... but perhaps I'm prejudiced! :rolleyes:
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    Possible to replace just a kitchen bench?

    Coming in late, and preparing to be shot down, but you could consider resurfacing with a laminate paint. If it's structurally OK (no big nicks or dints) could be suitable.
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    First time renovator! Progress images

    Squaring up those arches has made such a difference! Looks fantastic.
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    Share your "but this time it's different" stories

    This. I was listening to ABC774 this afternoon (don't judge me :D) and there was a politician (can't remember his name) who said - and I paraphrase - "the current affordability issues are limited to Sydney and some parts of Melbourne." The presenter really wanted to hear that...
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    Keep or sell?

    Because of this. I can understand that thinking.
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    Rewarding good tenants

    Prop's approach is one I favour, and reckon it covers Nate's "human element". A single mum recently wanted a security door and sensor light. Done! Reasonable request, adds value, she's less likely to move after the next $5-$10/week increase. Win-win-win.
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    Breaking into commercial property

    Beat me to it... and... beat me to it! :D
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    This Comic Will Forever Change the Way You Look at Privilege

    I keep reminding myself about "1st world problems". This week, the coffee machine at work was out of order for 2 days... 2 whole days! Some had to have ... shock horror ... INSTANT coffee! :eek: While others walked out to the nearby cafe to buy some. Seriously, if that's the worst that...
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    Cheap asses - at what equity position did you begin to relax?

    I don't think it's about equity position, but cash flow position. Until last week (when we sold one), we were reasonably strong on equity, but weak on cashflow. We didn't have to scrimp, but were careful. With the sale, the equity position hasn't changed substantially, but the cashflow has...
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    Rewarding good tenants

    That's for the bad tenants, right? :p
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    Rewarding good tenants

    I reward them by providing subsidised housing, maintaining their living space to a suitable standard and not kicking them out on the street. ;) If I had $1 for every thread about "rewarding" "good tenants", I'd have ... lots of dollars. :D It's become a bit of a standing joke around here.
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    Buying new away from the city (40kms)

    Point being if one is going 40km+ from the Melb CBD, there are other CBDs that can provide opportunities. eg, most of Geelong isn't much more than 5-8km from the Geelong CBD. And there is plenty of opportunity to buy new. Same with Warragul/Drouin. And if you really want, either of these...