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    Random questions for country folk

    DDT is a pesticide and not a herbicide and was banned in the early 70's - nasty stuff! wombat
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    Random questions for country folk

    Blackberries are a perennial menace and I hate them with a passion. If you cut them back it just seems to make them angry and just grow back stronger. I have had success with a herbicide called “Garlon 600”, you can usually pick it up from farming suppliers, I don’t think you’ll find it in...
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    No reserve Ski Lodge/Accodomation Auctions - did anybody here buy anything?
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    Growth Area Infrastructure Contribution

    Normie, GAIC is administered by the SRO (State Revenue Office)...
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    Water usage in Vic rental

    Update: I applied to the Energy and Water Ombudsman via their web site. They contacted me within 48 hours. I discussed my issue with the EWO rep (I wasn’t hot headed or aggressive about anything) just explained everything to them as clear as I could, they seemed to understand and they asked...
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    Water usage in Vic rental

    Thanks Goofy and Sez, I hear you - in fact this had happened previously a few years back and I had to go back to the agent and they kept telling me that they had re-contacted the water company to get their records updated. ...Ahhhhh what the heck - since the water co. are trying to bully...
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    Water usage in Vic rental

    Hi Guys - need some guidance from a Victorian Property manager I have been charged water usage in one of my rentals, the water usage component came billed to me together with the water rates bill. The property is separately metered so the usage obligation is with the tenant. I lease...
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    Looking for a commercial viable "crop" on 4 acres

    Hi GG, Have you entertained the idea, that in addition to any crop that you decide to go with, that you can also run some chooks and supply free range eggs to passing traffic as well as running a few beehives and providing honey to passing traffic? wombat
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    Bees - how to get rid of?

    bene313 - usually your local council is the first call you should make and they should put you in touch with a nominated bee swarm coordinator who would usually be aligned with the local apiarist club or society. This poor guy will usually be run off his feet during swarming season. Swarming...
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    Bees - help please!

    Minx, Bees begin to get active during the spring, give one of the WA contacts a call from this link. I believe that a beekeeper is able to use the swarm as a new colony for honey production. good luck wombat
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    RIO Slashes 14,000 jobs

    Willair - was there supposed to be more to the graph that you posted? At what points on the graph were the Directors buying/selling? wombat
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    Effect of new VIC transport plan ... Lots of good info in the above link, however it's about a 13 meg download. Gives a good overview of where the push for growth will be. wombat
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    MS Project Help Required

    Blue - I think Glenn is talking about Microsoft Project and not Microstation the CAD program. Is that right Glenn? Wombat
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    Advice on Swimming Pool “Creepy Crawly”

    Thanks Guys - Looks like Baracuda is high on the list - any guide on models and price or does it depend on the pool type? Wombat
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    Advice on Swimming Pool “Creepy Crawly”

    Family has moved into one of our older properties with an old pool. This property will be demolished to make way for town houses after we have built our new PPOR and moved in, 3 to 5 year time frame. It has an old in ground pool with functioning filter etc however the creepy crawly is old and...