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    Metro Sydney

    Does anyone have any recommendations where to buy in Syd? Im looking to spend under 800k if possible :rolleyes: i know i know :D Also looking for a decent block that is at least 15m wide where i can knockdown to build a duplex.
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    Draftsman Sydney

    Any more recommendations for townhouse builds?
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    Draftsman Sydney

    Is Belinda active on this forum? Anyone else with any recommendations? I am looking for someone to help me with a townhouse build.
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    Townhouse/Villa Build over 3 blocks

    Must of been in a great location to get $2m for it. I will see how i go with this. If it pans out well there is 4 blocks opposite me on the same street that is for sale with no DA :D haha
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    Townhouse/Villa Build over 3 blocks

    Hi All, I have been out of the game for a while now but i have caught the bug again. Currently i own a property in Riverwood NSW and i have 2 neighbors interested in getting DA approval and a build of townhouses and villas. The total land size is about 40m street frontage x 55m length...
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    Short Term Leases?

    Does anyone here that manages commercial property or owns them do short term leases? Is there any reason if the property is untenanted that you wouldnt take a 3-6 month leases:confused: Reason why im asking is because i have an idea for a business but i dont want to sign on for a year if it...
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    What adds the most value?

    This is where being a male comes in handy ;)
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    Can i make this property into a duplex site?

    Get your friend to speak to the town planner for the council he is in.
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    Granny Flats and Section 94 Contributions Explained

    How about hurstville? :D
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    Why has no one bought this?

    Wow what a great feature, self watering garden :p
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    Why has no one bought this? 2 houses / dual occ? opposite lake $269. :D Free for all your buyers agents there :P
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    LLI / per room basis?

    I guess i could get 1 of them to sign for the lease? But the other problem is that i cannot self manage and get LLI i dont think :(
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    LLI / per room basis?

    Yeah, so i might need to kick them out if i buy the place but it seems to get more rent per room than if leased per property though.
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    LLI / per room basis?

    Is there land lord insurance like this? I am looking into buying a house with international students already there. They dont have any rental agreement and they rent per room. They want to stay and continue renting. Just wondering what can i do about landlord insurance if i was to purchase...
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    There is something called reverse mortgages, i dont know much about them but i found that might explain it a bit better.