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  1. datto

    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    Wow! wonder how much and how many? Just don't mention B....H........pee
  2. datto

    what effect greek travel

    Last time i went to Greece I stayed at the Malacca Resort but was not overly impressed with the place.
  3. datto

    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    With an airbag?
  4. datto

    Australian Property Chart of Shame - Epic Failure of The Australian Property Bears

    Where the heck are they now? Has any of them said "sorry, I got it wrong" and then committed hari-kari in accordance with some oriental ritual? Nah. you'll find they have all been investing heavily in the Sydney property market.
  5. datto

    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    Just hope no one pinches my name!
  6. datto

    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    ^^^^^ not quite yet but I'm building up momentum!
  7. datto

    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    "So goodbye Somersoft Forum Where the posters of IPs howl You can't plant me in your penthouse I'm going back to my plough Back to the howling old owl in the woods Hunting the horny back toad Oh I've finally decided my future lies Beyond the Somersoft forum." ......Courtesy Elton Blonde Good...
  8. datto

    No longer in charge of the asylum

    They're on the barby already!
  9. datto

    No longer in charge of the asylum

    Won't be long Wattle, I'm planning on making a grand entrance, lol, roll out the carpet!
  10. datto

    No longer in charge of the asylum

    Congrats bal, you've done your time. You're freeeeee.
  11. datto

    I can't believe how RIDICULOUSLY expensive a 1 bedroom unit in Sydney is!!!

    Under 400K for new one bedders out west. Get 'em while they're hot.
  12. datto

    Thankyou somersoft

    If there are 4000 SS members and just 50% donated say $100, then surely that would keep SS going for a while longer. I'd be willing to chip in.
  13. datto

    Can I claim the selling related cost even if I can't sell

    That would be a nice little perk if you could claim those expenses. "Ah, no Mr ATO I couldn't sell my Mt Druitt 3 bedda fibro ex houso for $3.5m. Yes, I did spend $10K on advertising, look here's the receipts, all from my advertising coy of which I'm a director. "
  14. datto

    Thankyou somersoft

    Knightm, I think I know where you're coming from. When I was growing up we used to hang out at the Macca's carpark on the corner of Popondetta and Jersey Rds. Alot of bonding was done in those formative years with a burger meal deal and a beer. Then, all of a sudden the coppers came. They...
  15. datto

    Freaky Deja Vu !

    ^^^^ I usually take a couple of panadols but it's up to you.
  16. datto

    Freaky Deja Vu !

    What have you been smoking Ace ? lol
  17. datto

    End of an Era

    Yeah great work fellas. I don't think the Druitt will be the same without SS....oh wait there's Sim's new site...better sign up while I still got the chance!
  18. datto

    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun

    Definitely not a bogan (ette)
  19. datto

    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    You don't mean the wall in Darlinghurst ? lol.
  20. datto

    Future party leader

    Datto for PM !