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    Replacing Leaking Shower Piping In Rental

    Hi all, So 3 times over the past 6 months I've had a leaking shower tap in one of my rentals. I had the same company out all three times to fix the problem. The second time they didn't charge me as I said it's covered by warranty. The problem is the third time they went out they told me...
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    Conditions in Rental Agreements

    So I'm looking at renting a property which the owner is self managing. Checking out the rental agreement with 3 pages of additional conditions that the tenant must and must not do. A lot of these condition are pretty silly and against the W.A. tenancy law. Below are some. The Tenant(s)...
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    Making Premade Townhouses from China for Australia

    Just saw this news article. Would anyone consider doing this and would it affect end value when selling or holding?
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    Valuation Coming Back at Sale Price Two Months After Settlement

    Hey all, So I got my broker to get a valuer out last week to value the property I purchased 2 months ago. The bank did a desktop valuation, however some renovations were done before settlement. I only found out the bank did a desktop valuation last week. What are the chances the...
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    Cover Ceiling with new Ceiling & Cornicing

    Hi all, Just want some opinions on covering the current ceiling on my second storey townhouse. The current material looks horrible as seen in the pics. People who look through to rent are all turned off by it. Its some 70's style material. I got quotes to cover about 74SQM for $2800...
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    Repair Cooktop or Replace with New at Investment Property

    Hey all, On the ceramic cooktop on my new IP the biggest plate does not heat up. I knew this before buying but I can not decide whether it is better to replace or repair from a tax point of view. A new cooktop is $359 and repairing would be a few hundred. $0 to install. I'm thinking...
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    Replacing Yellow Windows

    Hi I'm after peoples opinions on if I should replace these yellow windows before advertising as a rental. 5 in total. I believe it makes the place look older and less attractive. I've got a quote of $370 to cut out new windows. I will install them myself. Do you think it is worth it?
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    How to Add Value/Rent Appeal to my 70's Villa

    Hi All, I'm just waiting for settlement to happen on my old 70's villa/townhouse. It's a 4x2 + study, 168SQM in Yokine, Perth. I've uploaded a couple photos and I'm wondering on peoples opinions on the walls and ceiling in some of the house. Some walls are covered in a floor like...
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    Question for the Brokers - How much can I borrow

    Hi all, Just waiting for finance to be approved on a new IP but it is taking it's sweet *** time. How much do you think one could borrow in the below situation & how quickly could a loan be approved? PPOR Loan $367,0000, IO, 4.88% - Valued last month by Bankwest $530,000 IP Loan...
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    Buying unit/townhouse with no strata

    Hi all, Looking at buy a property with 3 townhouses/units in W.A build in the 70's. I've been told its a 'old' type strata and the properties don't have any exclusive land on title. There is no strata fee's. It's in W.A. The front and back yards have fences and brick walls but according...
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    Converting Carport to Bedroom & Ensuite- Perth

    Hi All, I'm looking at converting my PPOR carport which shares the same tiled roof as the house into a bedroom & ensuite. The carport is a bit over 22SQM The property is located in Hamersley, I know I'll need Stirling council approval. Pretty much this involves bricking up three walls...
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    Paying 1 Year Building & Landlord Insurance This Financial Year

    Hi All, Pretty sure I've read the answer to this but can not find it. If I pay 1 years building & landlord insurance before the end of the month can I claim it in this financial year? Thanks.
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    What is your Cash Buffer in case your Income Slows or Stops?

    Hey all, Just getting an idea on what people have as a cash buffer for security in case you lost part or all income and why did you choose to have that amount. I could live for about 6 months paying interest on properties, buying food, fuel etc. What is your cash buffer? How many...
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    Valuer and Bank not Disclosing Valution of Property

    Just a quick question, When I got valuations done by a bank before purchasing a property they wouldn't tell me what they were valued at. LMI was not used. Is this normal when the bank values the property?
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    Landgate Delays

    Hey all, Is anyone else in W.A. seeing delays with landgate? Settled on a property four weeks ago and two weeks ago l logged an application to increase/split my loan. Its been conditionally approved with the only condition being the property being registered in my name at landgate...
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    Bankwest new loanhome. What do you think?

    Hey all, Just wondering what you think of this and do any other banks provide anything better? 5.38% variable 100% offset available No monthly fees Borrow up to 95% The rate is only for 2 years...