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    Wyong council to disappear ?? If state government gets control I suspect WSC will be split between Gosford and Lake Macquarie and the only ones to blame...
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    SS very first posts

    Just had a look back at some of the first posts on ss ,takes a bit of advance searching but some very interesting threads.
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    Buffett buys into the Australian share market. Never sold my free IAG shares and took out the option to buy more, Up almost 5% today. Might be time to dust off the old margin loan as he is eyeing some bank shares as well.
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    Commsec insurance

    Anyone used commsec home insurance , Bigger discount if you have a commsec account. Been the cheapest quote so far for investors insurance.
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    Were to find Retro flying saucer ceiling light.

    Team. Would anyone have an idea were something like this link below could be purchased , yes a junk or antique yard but thought someone might have more info. Needs to be retro and need two identical , they are for lounge which have the old type moulded recess , I have tried everything but...
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    Granny flats on the rise but neighbours unable to complain
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    Energy provider Red Energy

    Anyone got anything good to say about red energy. Owned by snowy hydro Doesn't seem much difference in all the providers on price per kw .
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    Electrician Central Coast.

    Anyone got a good electrician northern end Central Coast. Rewire parts of house.
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    What are your kids watching on mobile.

    A warning to you parents out there. Been travelling public transport , train on the north shore line the last few months and seem to clash with the school students on their way home. Their definitely watching porn , came across this a few weeks back , they didn't seem to worry I was near...
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    Who's in the box seat.

    Purchased a villa many years ago in small 4 villa complex. I presume like most investors thought of owning complex outright one day when others came up in same complex for sale. Problem was so did someone else, so over the years they have purchased the others. I made a number of offers...
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    Removing paint from Aluminium windows

    As title suggests looking at quicker simpler method. Have aluminium windows not the anodised but straight aluminium. Had great success on the inside with paint stripper and steel wool came up like new even removing the salty corrosion. So have two outside front windows which have been...
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    Public Trust ownership issues.

    Has anyone had anything to do with public trust. Have a relative who was awarded compensation 40 years ago as a small child and their mother had this placed into the care of public trust. later on a property was purchased with the funds. This property has become unsuitable for them and we...
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    Remote ceiling fans

    I presume having a remote for light ceiling fan does not require a secound wire run back to the light switch ????
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    Giving back tenant over 12 months rent.

    Spoke with a work mate who has just moved out of his rental after the owner was issued with council breach for unapproved house split into 2 units. Work mate has spoken with I think he said the tenancy tribunal and maybe able to claim back all his rent for the last 12 months as it was an...
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    Going rate on a few improvements.

    H team. Just doing the sums on another potential purchase and wondering if anyone recently has had work done or quotes for a 2 bedroom villa for : Full paint out. Carpet. Much appreciated. Neil.
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    Smoke (Cigs) smell removal, any remidies.

    Anyone got any tried remedies to remove cigarette smell from a unit. Carpets,curtains, aircon cleaned already but still has a whiff of the Tar.
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    Self managed strata.

    Come across a unit which has self managed strata. So Im not sure how one would self manage a strata in a complex, managed individually for each unit by each owner or is this being done by one owner happy to take care of complex. Thanks all.
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    reversal of ban on electric hot water systems

    Not sure if this has been posted before.
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    Cheap granny flat Port Macquarie.
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    Building and Pest Inspection prices Central Coast.

    As title suggests would anyone have up todate prices or recommendations for northern parts of the Central Coast. Much appreciated.