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  1. J

    If i can.make a good omlette, I'll buy it

    Love this story. What would happen if anyone tried it here?
  2. J

    Market moving

    You know the market is moving when stories like this are making headlines. This stuff used to, and still is to a large degree, the domain of Sydney and Melbourne...
  3. J

    min 4 goal margin

    Chelsea by min 4 goal margin over Sydney FC, showing sydney is only good for house prices.:D
  4. J

    prediction: no chance tomorrow

    I'm calling it with almost 100% certainty. No change tomorrow in rba rates.
  5. J

    Fifa controversy

    This will not end well for Fifa. Sepp blatter has to resign. Sponsors may walk. If the arrested officials are found guilty, Fifa will surely lose sponsors.
  6. J

    gotta love sydney

    My money is that this will fetch over 2 Mil at auction. The bathroom will sell the deal.:D Funny that there's plenty of...
  7. J

    green square sydney

    Otp...check Small size...check High body Corp...check Near intersection of busy streets...check No land...check mucho diniero premium if some view...check Yeah...go sydney...
  8. J

    fengshui and property??

    I have read so many stories now about potential buyers wanting a property with good feng shui. Its not just the chinese market, plenty of other south east Asian markets in particular have similar beliefs. How important is this stuff really?
  9. J

    Using super to buy property

    Just read that the feds are thinking of allowing ( I think anyone?) to use their super to finance a property purchase. In the past this could only be done for those with SMSF? Now, in order to assist FHB segment and maybe others get into the market, an idea has surfaced to let them use...
  10. J

    brisbane casino proposals

    I think both seem quite good and interesting.
  11. J

    rates to be cut in 2015?

    Whats going on here...not too long ago, people were talking about rates rising in 2015, now Westpac is the latest to tip a cut twice in 2015. Is the economy really that bad? I don't think so.
  12. J

    house for an iphone

    Just had to post this: the funniest part is the agents quote: "It sounds like he wants the premium version [of the iPhone], but I'm sure that he's willing to negotiate."...
  13. J

    Considering this one-Carina QLD

    Hi guys, I am considering this property: Seems like its in a good area, and got the utility of 3 bedrooms as well. The backyard looks good. The land size is a bit small, but I think it might do for the price they are...
  14. J

    auctions for apartments?

    I have looked at quite a few advertisements for CBD apartment sales. The vast majority are private sale. Why are auctions less popular with selling apartments, but quite popular with selling houses?