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    Apparently I'm considered "Rich" or "Loaded"...

    OP- the Ss forum is closing soon. Before it closes, can you give us an update on the progress you have made?
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    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Do a search for him on this forum...or google it....
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    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    Do not suggest nor think option b will happen. Your deposit is high enough to get in the market. Obviously, you will get less realestate for your buck in Sydney as compared to other capital cities. If you must go for sydney in this market, then I'd suggest to go in and not wait for a...
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    Will Woodridge(QLD) ever improve?

    That's right. Woodridge is not located like Redfern and balmain. Plus, there are natural supply issues in Sydney that make these areas that appreciate more in price. Not so in Woodridge. It will take significantly longer for Woodridge to show the cg numbers that a place like Redfern has shown.
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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    Yeah, datto is the class.clown:D
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    Yet another Brisbane thread... $650k budget

    There will be a fair amount of choice.for cg suburbs with that money in brisbane. If you are green, then a BA will be a.wise option. They will also be able to guide your suburbs and property selection based on more.detailed requirements.
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    2016 US Presidential Election

    Jeb bush will be smashed in the elections.. As for Hillary, everyone knows she was the one running the show behind the scenes when her husband was in power, so that, according to my argument, should disqualify her as she has already served 2 consecutive terms:D Nevertheless, she will be a...
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    Property Cycle Clock - Where are we right now?

    Yea, ok...I just couldn't help myself taking another swipe at those areas...:D
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    Anyone thoughts on Morningside or Norman Park

    Moorooka is significantly different in many ways than Norman Park and morningside, and if these two are too expensive I'd look at their neighbouring suburbs as they have similar look n feel and demographics.
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    Property Cycle Clock - Where are we right now?

    Property clock: Southbank and Docklands - the batteries are dead.
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    Whose buying? Investors or PPOR's

    Might just be nomenclature here. I remember my law professor at uni telling us that tax avoidance (ie minimisation) is good, but tax evasion equals bubba as flatmate!!! Lol
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    Future party leader

    I agree with this. If pine ever becomes PM, I'm leaving the country.
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    Will you have a Job in 2025..

    Fortunately or unfortunately, my job is similar to what you describe above...nevertheless, I plan on busking at queen street mall in 2025. I have learnt a new tune on my violin and will surely be a real money maker. Tax free as well.
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    Melbourne Market Heating up UPDATE!!

    You could always buy southbank amd docklands apartments... Pretty sure price won't change in the next 5 years at least Plus, they'll never run out of them
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    Melbourne to run more

    Not a bad place yo live, in my opinion... But a horrible place to invest. Nevertheless, give these places another 20-25 years and they should be fine on the cg front... But then again, so will a lot else. It's about opportunity cost and strategy.
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    Melbourne to run more

    We were kidding about hyping Docklands.. Docklands and southbank have barely moved despite the rest of Melbourne moving. The supply in those areas has all but killed them. It will take 5+ years at the minimum for the excess supply to he absorbed and price growth to return to these areas. By...
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    Melbourne to run more

    Count me in. I've been trying to hype the otp stuff here for a while. No takers so far.
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    RBA to cut another 1%?

    It won't have a significant impact, no.
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    Brace for even higher price!

    I'm not sure how much southbank and Docklands will take a hit once rates rise. The reason is that most are pimped off to overseas buyers who are not rate sensitive. In their own countries, yes, but not really here. What will hit them is if rents collapse, and I can't see that happening with rate...
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    Mid melbourne or brisbane

    650-750 for Carnegie list 2 available options according to as of 15/06 same parameters search in Carindale lists 9 available. take the hint where the market favours buyers between the two.