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    My "Armchair Development" Experience

    I'm glad you are continuing the story over at PC, Crido - it's been interesting reading so far.
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    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    I believe Sim has already said that any SS bannings would have no relevance to PropertyChat - ie anyone can join up with a clean slate, and will only be judged on their behaviour over there. So we might see a few people return, you never know....
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    All-time funniest Somersoft threads

    I'm guessing that was a link to any thread ever started by fullylucky!
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    Commercial property in Wagga Wagga- SWOT

    Yes exactly, Corey - much better than nothing!
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    Commercial property in Wagga Wagga- SWOT

    Good to hear, geoffw - the fact that you are receiving the arrears as well as the current rent is excellent. Can I ask how long will it take her clear the arrears, assuming she continues to make every payment? Fingers crossed the sub-tenant's business goes well and they want to sign a direct...
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    suggest me a JV setup

    This would be exactly my response as well. Not worth it at this level.
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    Rewarding good tenants

    There are people who celebrate having given the ATO an interest-free loan?? Strange people. :p
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    Ouch - $30K being taxed and not much deductions to off set

    This thread boggles my mind and hurts my brain. Seriously!
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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Perhaps Nathan Birch should tell his staff at this company to read more....:
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    Developer investment

    Definitely be cautious, although a lot more detail would also inform opinions.
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    My TV picks up the CCTV footage in the complex

    One of our IPs has this, it's a feature of the complex. People buzz from downstairs, and you can check on the TV / screen who it is before you let them in.
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    Make Offer on Business Opportunity

    This sounds like a complete dog of an investment, TBH.
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    The Next Project Reno

    Looking forward to seeing pics - please do post, Tim.
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    My Story... So far... (Somersoft Diary)

    I'm guessing this is what Hooray might have been referring to?
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    I like the other Forum better

    Surely nothing can top that thread!!
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    trust set up?

    No. And - reconsider the JV. For the most part, they suck. (IMHO) :)
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    Are you left or right handed

    I'm right-handed but goofy
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    Before, during and after renovation with a difference

    Finished result looks fabulous - really great work, Kinnon (+ husband!). I'm going to pick your brains next time I want to do a reno as I've been wanting to use vinyl planks for a while...... and now I almost feel I could do it myself! :)
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    Seems I have a bad credit rating I want to borrow

    Then pay them out (ie your outstanding defaults/debts). :confused: But no, that won't magically clear your credit rating/history. That's why it's called "history".