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    Using BA in a hot market...

    Hi Arashi Hot or not hot market, the advantages are pretty much the same. Many comments focus on the price aspect, which is natural. Whilst a skilled BA would have less room to move in a hot market, this does not mean he or she wouldn't be able to purchase a property for the absolutely...
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    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    Hey Rob Working in the trenches of Sydney (and Adelaide) markets, I don't see any clear signs of the "oil tanker" slowing down or starting to turn. Whilst I agree with other contributors that this cannot go on for ever, it may be a while for the price growth to grind to a stand still here...
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    Adelaide suburbs of interest and infrastructure

    Hey Amberlee Whilst I understand your desire for cash flow neutral property, what is your ultimate goal for this property? Is it to hold it for 15 years "for free" (CF neutral) and hope for whatever capital growth you may be lucky to achieve? Alternatively, is it to have a chance to achieve the...
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    Where to invest in Sydney

    This very short answer begs a question: why not? Is there a particular reason why you chose N Parra? It not a bad area and has some strong future fundamentals but how well does it fit your strategy? First select your goals and strategy then the suburbs. Be open to investing in other states as...
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    Burnside Council Adelaide Region minimum dwelling size

    Would be very difficult to find anything there and even harder to buy it for a reasonable price (due to land values). A lot of the land in Burnside council is designated Heritage Conservation and has specific, hard to achieve minimum site and frontage dimensions. And then there are very tight...
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    Inner West

    Hmmm... capital growth of an IP will be directly proportional to its amenity and consequently its popularity with future owner-occupier buyers, not the tenants...
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    Buyers agent

    Hey Nath Try one of the independent BAs from REBAA: Listed under QLD. Good luck Paul
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    Where to buy 2nd Investment Property?

    Hi AVS Please keep in mind that there is no single Adelaide property market, market is fragmented and different areas perform differently, even within the same suburb.... It can be quite misleading to look at the overall stats for the whole city. For example the demand for quality real...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    Lots of talk about "SA economy" here (and so called "Adelaide market"). Re the SA economy, well... I guess it's the same as property market - there is no single market, market is fragmented and different areas and different types of property perform differently, even within the same...
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    fengshui and property??

    ...not necessarily North. Every person has favourable and unfavourable directions and this needs to be individually established by the feng shui master... and if there is a conflict between the members of a couple, the main bread winner's direction prevails... :)
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    Has anyone used propertybuyer?

    We do it day in and day out and have a good idea what is the best and most effective acquisition strategy. Letters and door knocking is a very time consuming and super low success rate strategy so your retainer probably even didn't pay for their time. It is really unreasonable to expect a...
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    500K to spend on IP - Northern Beaches?

    Hey Stephen Must admit I had more enquiries for appartments between Dee Why and Narrabeen rather than further out in Mona Vale. With transport being the major issue in the area you'd like to pick a location which is closer facilities, major shopping (Warringah Mall) and schools etc. Consider...
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    How to take over from the current rental management?

    ...wait till you get phone calls at 2am from tenants or the neighbours...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    ... generally not a lot more... I respect your preferences. But the data I have does not support your insertion that Elizabeth experienced the same long-term capital growth as Parkside or Norwood or Goodwood... It is the TOTAL return over the asset's investment horizon that counts, so one...
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    Hi hobo-jo. Deposit was 10%, all stamp duties etc are included, LMI is included, BA fee is included, council / insurance / water etc is included, PM fees too. Vacancy rate is not included but a unit in Fullarton or Parkside would have minimum long-term vacancy rate. The shortfall would be...
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    Has anyone used propertybuyer?

    I second this. Very good guy and very knowledgeable.
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    Peoples thoughts on Adelaide?

    I agree with your thoughts about CG being the long-term king. ...but are you sure about not being able to buy in the Eastern suburbs?? You could buy a quality 2 bedroom units there for under $400k which would deliver about 4.8% yield less strata. Yes, they would be initially cash flow...
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    Recommendation NSW under 400k

    If you've said under $550 there would be a few good options in Sydney. For under $400k I would look elsewhere, e.g. Adelaide. You can get a great, renovated 2 bedroom single story unit with a garage in a small group for under $400k and within 5-6km from CBD, in great suburbs and close to top...
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    Buying while I'm overseas

    Your conveyancer is the professional who should explain this all to you... Please note that apart from the letter of law, each selling agency / seller's solicitor may have a different policy what they will accept and what they won't. Ask them or better get your legal representative to do it...
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    Contemplating buying simple investment in Adelaide around 500k

    "where to buy?" Forgive me for being honest. You're missing the point and putting the cart in front of the horse... It's too early to talk about that. First Strategy, then where, then what kind of property. WHY are you investing? For example you may answer; because I like an idea of creating...