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    Mirvac Development in Glenfield

    I am looking for a new property and found a Mirvac Devt. in Glenfield. I currently stay in a Wolli Creek unit but is thinking of renting it out as my family is growing. I work in the city and wouldn't mind the long travels. I've checked some "not-so-good" stories on its nearby suburbs...
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    Replacement tenant

    Hi, I have a 1-year rental contract with the landlord himself in sydney and still got 7 months left. However, I recently purchased a unit to have the stamp duty exemption from the govt. :eek: The landlord allowed me to find a replacement tenant and was able to find one. I told the landlord...
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    Is rhodes/homebush bay area a good place to live?

    Im a first time buyer and currently shopping for 1-bedroom apartments. Im looking in rhodes and wolli creek and having a feel. Would like to know what are the perks staying at rhodes beside having a shopping mall nearby and a nice view of the lake
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    first-time buyer in australia

    Hi all, I've heard that this is the perfect forum for property investment, especially for first-time buyer like me. I just moved to Sydney last month together with my wife with a Permanent Resident status. Currently, I am earning 10k a month (tax inclusive) and has a 40k savings...