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    Cook Islands - Honeymoon?

    Hey Everyone.. I am planning our Honeymoon for November and we have chosen the Cook Islands for our getaway, the place looks amazing and I am really looking forward to going there. But I am stuck on trying to find out where to stay.. there are so many nice places! Have any of you been...
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    New Business Launching this week!

    Hey Guys, I thought I would share this with you as myself and my partner are pretty excited about it. We are in the final stages of launching another online business, the business is trading as Your Business Website and is basically a site targeted to small business and work at home types...
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    When do you know your a millionaire?

    This term gets thrown around a lot lately, but it has made me think.. when are you actually a millionaire? Is it when you have a million dollar property portfolio? Is it when you have a million dollars worth of assets? Is it when you have more than than a million dollars cash..? Is it when you...
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    Looking for an Accountant?

    Hey All, now before you shoot me down, I did a search for a recommendation for an accountant in Melbourne and really couldn't come up with anything recent, most recommendations are from about 4 years ago! With tax time coming up, I am looking for an accountant, ideally one that has a good...
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    At what point do you stop being a tighta$$ ?

    I was reading Rob's thread earlier ( ) and it made me think.. at what point to you stop being frugal and start to enjoy your wealth? We are obviously all eagerly buying up IPs and other investments to make a better life for ourselves in...
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    Roof Space Stairs?

    I am looking at putting in some roof space stairs in one of my properties to give some more storage space. Has anyone done this before? have you done it yourself or had someone else do it for you? How much should I budget for this you think?
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    How does a pensioner earn a bit more cash?

    A freind of mine retired about 2-3 years ago and he has been travelling around australia during that time. He has returned home now due to the sharemarket eating most of his wealth.. so they decided to look for part time work. A job has been offered to jim which will net him about $500 a week...
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    Property Manager, a career?

    Ok, so I am looking for something to do next year and figured something educational may be the way to go.. so I asked myself what interests me.. and two topics that came up were Property, and Management.. so I figured.. hey, why not look into property management as a possible career move.. I...
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    Ordering home delivery online?

    Hey, does anyone know of any websites that let you order home delivery from a range of restaurants in your area? I used to live in the UK and this was pretty common, I guess a different demographic and population density, but a good idea non the less. Would be interested if this is...
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    Picking up the keys tonight on my 2nd!

    My offer was accepted last week on my second property, after months of looking whilst overseas. Only a week being back we found a property and put in an offer and had it accepted! We will initially be using it as a PPR, add some value and eventually turn it into an IP as we did with our...
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    Train Lines and stations close to house?

    What do you guys think of buying properties close to train lines? We just bought a PPR that we intend to turn into an IP in about 5 or so years and it is directly opposite a train line, however there are nice trees that block the view of the train line but you can still occasionally hear the...
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    Lots of houses for sale in the same street?

    We found a property we are interested in a few weeks back and it goes to auction in a few weeks time. However over the past few weeks there have been another 5 listings for properties for sale on the same street, which I am not sure what that means for me as a buyer. Do you think that it just...
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    When to make an offer before Auction?

    I have found a property I am interested in, however it has only been on the market for about 2 weeks and plans to go to auction in another 4 weeks. I attended the first OFI tonight and we were the only ones there and the REA said the interest hasn't been great just yet, but it is still early...
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    Effective ways to reduce tax for a high income earner

    Hey guys, on one of my forums, a member posted this question, and I figured here would be a great place to get advice for them! Here is the question; Anyone got any suggestions for my mate?
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    What is a lowball offer?

    I have found a property I am interested in putting an offer in, it has a list price for Auction, but I'm hoping that since it is a bit of a buyers market at the minute I could maybe make a lowball offer.. The property is listed for 380 - 420 and the vendor is keen to sell before auction...
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    Is this a good or bad thing for investors?

    Just read this article in the age. 1br 'shack' with external toilet, renting at $155 a week.. 1% vacancy rates reported in Melbourne.. So, how does these sort of media reports affect investors?
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    Interest Rates over the past 20 years

    Hey all, found this article and handy little graph today on the site. It gives a nice clear overview of how rates have been over the past 18 years or so.,,5016109,00.html Since I am relatively young and never really took notice...
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    Can I claim depreciation on an IP when I move back in?

    Here is my situation, I am returning from the UK after living here for a few years, I rented out my PPOR effectively turning it into an IP. On my return I plan on moving back into that property until we find a new place. What I need to know is can I claim the depreciation on that property...
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    To Move back into an IP? Or find a new PPOR?

    Hey All.. Just found this forum, and its great.. I'm a big fan.. Ok, so this is the situation I am in.. I have been living in London for 2 years on secondment for a job, turning my Melbourne inner city apartment into a IP when I left. I plan to return to Melbourne at the end of this...