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    Large ATO debt... Can I use some Equity?

    Hi All, Has anyone had experiance in paying large ATO debt by accessing equity in a property? Example: ATO Debt = 90k Property Val = 620k Loan Amount = 400k LMI = 90% Thanks
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    Rent V Buy (again)

    Has it now swung back to be a better choice (financially - on paper) to buy rather than rent? Just read the following and interested to see what the SS take on this is?
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    Selling Agent Gympie - Recommendations

    Hi, Anyone have any recommendations for a selling agent in Gympie, QLD? Thanks.
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    Property Manager Pro Software

    Does anyone know if this is still available to purchase? I've seen it mentioned a few times on the forum but cannot seem to track down anyone still selling it. Cheers.
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    Buying v Renting Sums

    Any one seen this vid before? Any thoughts?
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    Bank Cheque Dispursal Fee

    What is the Loan dispursal bank cheque fee? Looking at my statement I already have a Loan Disbursal Fee of $60. Then I find another $100 for the Loan dispursal bank cheque fee. I realise that there is a fee for using bank cheques but $100 seems excessive. The only thing a can reason is...
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    Floorplan Advice - Add Bedroom

    Hi all, Thinking of adding a bedroom to an IP in Western Sydney and would appreciate some advice on the floor plan attached. What would you do? The reason for this would be two fold: 1- get more rent from the extra bedroom and 2- increase the value when getting a revaluation done 12...
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    Bankwest - Value on completion

    Hi, Anyone know if Bankwest will look at doing "value on completion" at the moment. Current mortgage is at 90% and purpose of loan will be for granny flat. I know about 6 months ago this was not looking good but hoping one of the brokers on here may have updated info. Thanks in advance...
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    Create $100k from $11k to build Granny Flat

    Hi all, just running a refinancing scenario (Well a theoretical one anyway) and looking for some input\critique on the theories. It follows on from this post here: Purchase price = $447'000 (3 months ago) Current LVR = 91.5% (LMI...
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    LMI refund if refinancing.

    Hi, Purchased home on 14/10/2011 for $447K with a 10% deposit. After costs\LMI the total loan is $409k. It's an Interest only loan with Bankwest. When taking out the loan I told my broker that we are looking to build a granny flat at the rear of the property as it has back lane access and...
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    Assets owned but cash (income) poor. Options please?

    Hi all, Chating to my mum today she revealed that she hasn't got enough cash to visit us for xmas (we live interstate). We'll go to her this year but it got me wondering ...Why, where is the income? Here is her situation. Has anyone here had experience with situations like this and what...
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    Where to buy paint in Sydney (west)

    About to paint our property and wondering if anyone has recommendations for buying paint in Sydney - Preferably Western Syd. We have purchased from Bunnings in the past and wondering if there are better options? Cheers.
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    Renovation finance

    Hi, Planning a reno and just wondering what options there are for financing. It is a newly purchased property that we plan on renovating in about 8-10 weeks time. The home was purchased as first home buyers and we'll live there for 6 months straight from settlement and then move out and...
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    Concrete Slab Recycling?

    Hi, Has anyone had experience with breaking up a concrete slab and recycling it rather than tipping it? The slab is approx 52sqm so prob too small for one of those commercial recycling mobs. Also, any tips on breaking the slab would be appreciated. I have seen this stuff and it looks...
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    Asking $550 - Offer $510 then $40 in cash

    I have heard recently that this gets done: Vendor asking $550k. Buyer offer $510k and has the contract reflect this and then gives vendor $40k in cash. I can see that this would save you in stamp duty for FHOG. Has anyone heard of this being done and if so, how legal is it? Thanks.
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    How to make a direct offer? (No Agents Involved)

    Advice needed please... We are currently renting a townhouse and the old lady next door has just been moved into a nursing home. I saw her brother at the house and asked him if they are going to sell? He said 'Yes' & had received valuations from a couple of agents and has been advised to...
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    Homeside said NO

    Advice needed please... Applied through a broker for a Homeside mortgage but just got knocked back. Property Value = $540k Deposit = 55k + 7k FHOG. Broker said they knocked it back due to a paid default on my credit file of $360 back in 2005 and will now only do it if I go to LVR of...
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    Income Spliting and Loan Application

    Hi all, Does income splitting have any effect on the loan application process? Example, I currently split my income with my wife via distributions from a trust. Does this effect the loan calculations and the way lenders assess your loan application as opposed to having a single income...
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    Buying in the UK

    Finance to buy in the UK Hi all, I am Australian my wife is Welsh. We live and work in Aus but plan to head back to the UK in a few years and I'm interested in buying something over there now and renting it out for a few years prior to us getting there. Question is... How do you get...
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    If you knew then what you know now...

    I am in the situation of trying to decide whether to go the PPOR first and IP later or the opposite of IP's now and then PPOR when able to afford the one we want. This is to all those forumites who have been at the IP game for a while. If you knew then, back when you were starting out, what...