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    Melbourne - HOTSPOTS

    New York: Nice place to visit, but who would want to live there.
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    Where are your properties?

    7 in Tassie. Yeah, I know, we are TOTAL idiots. :o
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    Help! Dead mice inside my walls!!

    They died of eating the Ratsak in the roof we laid out. (We got sick of them running up and down, and I DON'T do rat-traps and hubby doesn't do cats..or snakes.) They fell down into the walls I suppose, but how??? We have a really big house and the smell comes from three separate places...
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    Help! Dead mice inside my walls!!

    Iiiiiieeeeeuuuww!!! I think I'll go travelling for a while..... :o
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    Help! Dead mice inside my walls!!

    Three mice have decided to die inside the walls of three different rooms in my house, and the smell is just terrible! :eek: Any suggestions??? :o
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    Bet you didn't know where director BIS Shrapnel lives!!

    Does everybody want to live in Double Bay or South Yarra? Or places like that? I DREAM of living in a small, beautifully designed eco cabin in the bush, near a bubbling brook, with chooks, goats, two cats, three dogs, happy children, easy-going neighbours, surrounded by dense temperate rain...
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    Bet you didn't know where director BIS Shrapnel lives!!

    True. :) But I think I had a different point.
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    Bet you didn't know where director BIS Shrapnel lives!!

    Billionaire Gerry Harvey also lives in a relatively "modest" house. I bet he was also clever enough to know that more square feet and a posher suburb does not equal happier life. I can tell you honestly that we were happier when our house and our income were each five times smaller...
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    How Close are you to being able to Throw in the Job?!!

    Agreed!! I just love finding the "next little project". (And even the next big one!) It's a total rush. :p But then again, I don't do any of the hard sweaty work, I just pick colours and make phone calls....
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    Had a bit of road rage this morning..

    When I was younger, I had a sign in my back window saying "Oops, Sorry about that." :)
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    Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant - Which Quadrant are you?

    Half and half: (2&4) moving into fully (4) within a few years, but that's only if nothing drastic happens, like property values dropping by 30%. :eek: P.S. I absolutely love Robert Kiyosaki. His first book should be compulsory reading in all schools. But it won't be, will it, because it...
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    QLD Election! Who is your money on?

    Commentators said that the Queensland electorate was waiting on the verandah with baseball bats for the ALP. It looked like they were waiting with chainsaws and machetes to me. :cool:
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    Boarding at my parents - How much to pay weekly ?

    I like reading your replies, Dazz. You always make a real lot of sense. :)
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    Investors Mums

    Hi Robbie, You sound sweet. :) I am a woman passionate about property, and I haven't found a book written by a female author that comes close to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" yet. So, in my humble opinion, if that doesn't get someone going, nothing will. :D Best of luck.
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    Selling the Businesses

    Hey Geoff, Many moons ago we bought a caravan park in Far North Queensland, chasing the dream. We had to re-sell it after only a year because we were misled by the previous owner. We lost $180,000 in that one year (a lot back then), as well as having no income and working 18-hour days...
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    "It's just a washing machine"

    Privatise prisons. Governments should govern, not run prisons. And I have always believed that inmates should work or study for 8 hours a day for their own well-being.
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    Is this quote reasonable??

    Ha ha ha!! Well put. :)
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    iNBiB ... Yes, no or maybe?

    Thanks everyone. I was initially wary of this agency because of the small cheap ad that they placed in the classifieds section of the local paper, plus the fact that the other 'regular' agents don't ask for $1200 cash upfront as well as the commission on sale at the end, and also because of...
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    Money Irresponsibility - Needs - Wants

    I must be a silly old idealist deep down ... I just want everybody to be happy!!! :)