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    Your next O/S trip - where will you go?

    Title says it all. To where will you travel, next time you go overseas? I guess I am talking about leisure trips rather than where work might send you, ie where will you choose to go. Have you booked it yet or is it a "next time I go overseas I want to go to...." scenario?
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    Need a new ph case....

    Hoping someone here can offer recommendations. I saw someone the other day with a (leather?) wallet-style phone case (it looked like a little book, ie opened along the long side rather than a flip-up case). The phone inside had a low-profile edge-protector clip-on case on it, which attached...
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    Just saying hello

    Hi, everyone. [Pretty much a cut-and-paste job from my intro thread on another forum, so apologies if you've read this twice. :) ] Came across this forum when doing a web search on commercial investment property, and have been reading with great interest. A little about me/us: I...