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    adelaide landscaping and tree removal

    can anyone suggest a landscaper and tree removalist for a property in Adelaide? we are exploring sell as is/or relet. our vision would be to add value and get an easy care garden established? it was rented and sadly neglected. how much value would landscaping add to a sale? something simple...
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    property manager for craigmore area

    we need an excellent property manager for a property in craigmore. any suggestions would be welcome. any property managers to avoid would also be useful info. obviously pm if giving frank but negative comments. we prefer experienced staff who can provide good service. we know many on...
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    wow what a discount! sad state of affairs in ireland. just shows property values do not always go up.
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    mandatory home audits?? anyone read this article today? another potential cost for property investors as well as when selling? anybody have any experience with the practice of mandatory audits and will the costs be tax...
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    can anyone suggest someone in adelaide for property finance and related tax issues?

    we are interested in purchasing a new PPOR. it has been a very long time since either of us needed to arrange finance. we are lucky to have no debt so plenty of equity in present PPOR and rental properties. we have a goodly amount in super but would rather not use that if possible. not tax...
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    problems with strata manager in adelaide

    we are having problems getting maintenance followed up by the strata manager. for example 2 years ago it was agreed at the AGM that a rear fence would be repaired/replaced. still waiting. the strata manager says she is waiting on quotes to be agreed by the presiding officer. so far there have...
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    how would a youth homeless facility, 12 beds effect property values?

    this is being proposed near by. a 12 bed youth homeless facility. it was apparently declined by another council area because of resident protests. the council has decided on another reserve, that they have zoned residential, to put the facility there instead. the new area is residential not...
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    financial planners

    not specifically property related but would welcome comments. we have had the same planner for many years and he was in position to be well versed in our private financial affairs. out of the blue last week we received a letter from a company we have had no direct dealings with to say our...
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    travel agent advises change in itinerary late notice?

    can anyone comment please? we paid in full for a trip in nov for a trip departing next month. a sector of the trip was a garden tour of europe. today the agent has said 2 key features will be deleted. these are day trips to see 2 gardens one in france and one in england. to say we are...
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    setting the selling price

    when deciding on a selling price what factors are used as a guide and how accurate? i realise that the real estate agent will look at past sales relevant to the area/property but a part from that what about other factors like, the opinion of a qualified valuer? or/and looking at the capital...
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    reports of noisy pipes in ceiling?

    new tenants have reported to pm that there is noise coming from the pipes in the ceiling. a plumber was sent to investigate. the verdict was the pipes are aging and need to be resecured. this was quoted to cost in excess of $300. requires 2 plumbers. anybody heard of this before? regards
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    tacky homemade signs offering rentals for double market rate?

    lately i have noticed homemade signs offering rentals for approx double market rates. who would be attracted to this and who markets their properties this way? there are also similar signs about offering to buy properties. i have heard anecdotal stories of people being offered 20percent...
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    does anyone have experience using a sellers agent?

    i know that buyers agents are commonplace, but i wonder what experience people may have had with sellers agents? my understanding is they act as go betweens with the vendor and the selling agent. i think the idea is to save the potential trouble and stress of the selling process and ideally...