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    Frugal Living Ideas

    Hi all, Interested to hear frugal or sustainable living ideas and experiences. But please do NOT start arguing whether frugal living is right or wrong. This is about specific ideas and whether they are efficient. I will start with a couple 1. Growing vegetables. We use lots of chilli and...
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    Grass Perth

    We are thinking of buying grass seeds for a property which will become our PPOR sooner or later. I have zero knowledge about gardening. We would like to have a * non invasive grass (as there are lots of paving areas) * Suitable for perth climate. We will water now and then as needed, I reckon...
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    Property Investing Library

    Reading books gives lots of ideas. I love reading and collecting books. Over the last couple of years, I have bought more than 40 books on property investing. 7 Steps to Wealth is the first book I read. John L Fitzgerald gave as a free gift in one of his seminars. From 0 to 130 properties in 3.5...
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    What is your net cashflow from investment properties?

    Ok, as Deltaberry have suggested, I am starting this thread. I know, I know, Richard should have started :D So how much you get from ALL of your investment properties (total net cashflow) per WEEK? Please state what you get from PI only. Net cashflow is what you get after paying interest...
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    Loan and funds mixed up. What to do?

    We are buying two properties which are settling within a week. Property A needed 39k to settle and Property B needed 44.5k to settle. (The amounts are not exact) So we kept around 41k in a transaction account for A costs. And took a separate 45k loan for B costs. The plan was to use 44.5k for...
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    Insurance, insurance and insurance

    Hi all, it is sad to read a few threads about people without much insurances falling ill etc. Other than a 50K life insurance through super, I do have building insurances for all our properties and third party insurances for vehicles but don't have any personal insurances at all and want to get...
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    What you did in 2013? What are the plans for 2014?

    Hi all, 2014 in 10 days. It would be interesting to hear what you all have done in 2013 and what are the plans for 2014. Doesn't have to be investment specific. Those who responded to the last year's thread may want to update as well. For us 2013 : A lot of investment related stuff happened. We...
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    Are you buying during 2014?

    There are some other threads on this topic but it would be interesting to know how many are buying or planning to buy during 2014. With lots of different forecasts about booms/bubbles, rate cuts/rises, A$ changes and so on, this could become an interesting thread!
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    The Property Millionaires Next Door

    Your Investment Property magazine has released a special publication titled "The Property Millionaires Next Door" and it is available at newsagents now. This is a compilation of property success stories which has appeared in YIP magazine over the last few years. It contains 25 stories and it...
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    PPOR before a playground

    Hi all, We are currently renting a 2x1 house and that is big enough for the two of us. But as we are considering to have kids sooner or later, I reckon changing one of the IPs in to a PPOR would be a better idea instead of searching for rentals and then go through all the hassles such as...
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    How to Achieve Property Success by Margaret Lomas

    I bought a copy of the latest book by Margaret Lomas (How to Achieve Property Success) and skipped through the pages. This is a compilation of 3 of her earlier books and is fully revised and updated. Noel Whittaker has written the forward. It is divided into three sections. 1. Starting out -...
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    Whether/how your goals/strategies evolved?

    Experiences of fellow investors teach various strategies as each have travelled various paths! I reckon some of us have started investing with clear end goals and/or strategies but probably for most of us goals changed over the years. It would be great to hear from fellow investors how their...
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    Buying without serviceability

    Low doc loans are used by self employed to borrow 60% of property value. Can these loans be used to buy when you have hit serviceability ceiling? Say a couple go from two incomes to one, (thus the income is not sufficient to cover the current loans in the point of view of the bank) can they...
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    Having children and serviceability

    This is not about whether to have children or not :cool: Once a couple begin to have kids their serviceability reduces. So how much each kid costs each week or month? I reckon CBA calculates that a couple with no dependents will need around 2100 per month. Is that correct? So with each kid by...
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    subdivision and tax

    Say I buy a house on 1000m2 for 500k with 400k loan and rent it out. Then I subdivide it into a house on 450m2 and 550m2 land. Say the land will be vacant for few years before I build a house on it. 1. Can I still claim all the interest paid for the 400k loan as tax deductions? 2. Once there...
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    Adding a room and approval

    Hi all, We recently offered to buy a 2x1 in WA. Finance approval is going to be tough so there is a long way to go. Even though it is a 2x1, it actually has 3 rooms and it seems that the 3rd room had been converted into a living area. So by closing a wall and opening a door, the house can be...
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    Removing a pool (Perth)

    Hi all At our IP, there is a massive concrete pool probably built in 70s. It is such a monster that a DIY is not possible at all. As the block is potentially sub-dividable, it has to be removed properly. Has anyone removed such pools recently in Perth? Any idea how much it will cost? Singo
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    Parmelia, Orelia, Leda, Medina

    Hi all, These Perth suburbs have houses priced less than $300,000. As they are quite far for me to go for groundwork, I would like to hear the thoughts of others who are familiar with these suburbs. Thanks
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    GF builders - Perth

    In WA, from August 2nd, Granny Flats can be rented out to non family members and can have 70m2 plus a deck or veranda. On 70m2, achieving a 2x1 should be easy. Which builders are suitable to build Granny Flats? While searching online, I came across...
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    Purchase price and valuation

    Hi all, When purchasing a property, if the LVR is less than 80%, the banks just take the purchase price as the valuation and move on. If the LVR is higher, the bank may get a valuation done. And the valuations are most if the times, the purchase price or may be less in some cases. But if...