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    San Francisco legalises AirBnB

    SF is the home of AirBnB. It's just been made "legal". Hosts are limited to 90 days per year (if the property is fully let out, no limit if part of a property is let out and the host lives-in) and need to register, pay the city's hotel tax.
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    Teen vandals trash home

    Just read a story in the daily telegraph about teenagers that trashed a house in Canberra. What is interesting is that the owners exchanged contracts just over a week ago and had been granted early access to paint the place. Damage is estimated at $100,000. Will be interesting to see who...
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    1880s Semi Renovation Progress

    Hello folks A quick set of before-during-after photos of a current renovation I'm doing on a 1880s semi-detached. This is one of the rooms which we've just finished. This was the one with the LEAST amount of work to do. :eek: The fireplace and mantle were found on Gumtree. The cast iron...
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    Windows 1890s semi in Goulburn

    Hello I bought an 1890s semidetached in Goulburn and have just started renovating it. It's fundamentally very sound and is surprisingly original, and dirty. It was originally a very modest house so there are no ornate ceiling roses or cornices to worry about. Our plan is to renovate the old...
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    Story about an illegal GF in San Francisco

    Just found this, a good read.
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    IP Loans

    Folks A friend of mine has used LOC from PPOR to fund part of IP purchase -- say, $50k. The rest is on a separate loan secured against IP. The IP is sold, so the loan against the IP will be paid off, but the LOC loan will not be paid off. Does the interest of the LOC loan to fund IP purchase...
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    Tenant has installed swimming pool in back yard

    I just did an inspection (with the agent) for a tenant who has been there for a couple of years. Always paid rent on time. They have installed a small above ground pool in the back yard. I thought little of it, but the agent FREAKED OUT because there is no fencing around it and it's not had any...
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    Buy IP in own name or through company?

    Hello Team Somersoft! I have an opportunity to purchase an IP using some cash and mostly equity from my PPOR, no bank loan involved. My intention is to renovate, rent for a period of time, then sell. The rent period depends on market conditions and possible tax advantages from holding. There...
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    Advice for aged pensioner to rent or sell house

    Hello I need some advice on the legal and financial impact for a friend who is an aged pensioner. They have just moved out of their ppor into a nursing home and now need $300,000 for the deposit bond. Until the bond is paid in full they pay 6.8% interest on the outstanding balance: currently...
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    Selling house, pre-sale B&P inspection

    I'm selling a house and the RE agent suggested I let a B&P inspection company come in at no cost to me and do a report that they can then sell to prospective buyers. I had just started doing a reno but figured, yeah, why not let them in and do the report, do them a favour. Well, they came...
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    Architect Recommendations Sydney LNS

    Folks I'm looking for recommendation for an architect for additions to a 1920 californian bungalow (no heritage restrictions) on lower north shore. Basically want a typical "big extension out the back with kitchen and living room". Thanks
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    Tenant has installed new tv antenna

    Folks Just drove past my IP this afternoon and notice that there is a new tv antenna on the roof, and the old antenna is sitting next to the garbage bin on the ground. I haven't had any requests for this from the PM (not that I blame the PM). Old antenna was mounted on the eves/facia...
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    Woz the Oz...

    Steve Wozniak (Woz) the co-founder of Apple wants to become Australian... No jokes about iOS 6 maps, please. :)
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    iPhone 5 is out, and Woz in in Brisbane

    I just read that Woz (Steve Wozniak) is in Chermside Brisbane, and was lined up outside the Apple Store there waiting to be among the first to buy an iPhone 5. I wonder how many people in the queue recognised him...
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    Granny Flat as Serviced Apartment

    Hello Some months ago I read a post by somebody who had built a granny flat and then, instead of renting it out had furnished it and was using it as a serviced apartment for business travellers. Do you remember that post? I've searched the forums and cannot find it. I'm thinking of...
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    Valve Bluray?

    Yes, valves as in vacuum tubes. I was just in Bing Lee (or Good Guys I cannot remember) and see that Samsung have produced a valve bluray player. It has two valves warmly glowing and visible from the front. Priced over $1,000...
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    Mould in bedrooms because of no flyscreens?

    Just had the 6 month inspection done on the IP and PM reports that the tenant is complaining of mould: "There is a mould problem in the bedrooms, the tenant simply cannot ventilate these rooms properly as there are no flyscreens. The bathroom around the window sill also has mould occurring on...
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    Going to Italy, ideas for day trips...

    Hello After reading this post... ... and being impressed with the wonderful responses, I'm interesed in hearing about Italy. I'm off in August for 4 weeks, flying into Milan and hiring a car, then based at the town at the very top of...
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    Land Tax on Units

    I just read another post by Prop talking about houses vs units and land tax came up. Is land tax payable on units? On strata properties in general? Tx.
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    Trend for newspaper advertising

    I just found this... 60 years of newspaper advertising data. What goes up CAN come down.