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    Bank couldn't find title

    This is a new one for me. A friend was supposed to settle last week. Settlement cancelled the day before because the bank could not find the title. The bank is offering to pay the interest til the issue is resolved, (they are acknowledging they received it when the mortgage was originated)...
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    What rate interest in advance?

    Hi! What rates are being offered for one year interest only - annual in advance in June? Last year I got 5.75% - this year same bank is offering 6.65% and call centre is saying that the package discount is not applicable to fixed loans??????
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    Commbank Property Value Guide

    Commbank has a new tool - price data based on mortgages and refinances - quite neat, by postcode, etc.
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    Negotiating an option

    Hi! everyone. We have just completed a small subdivsion and are negotiating an option on a larger parcel of land. My question, seeing that we are fairly novice developers, is - "Has anyone here negotiated an option?" What typically is the structure - eg xx% non refundable for a six or...
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    First home buyers duty in Qld

    Did eveyone see the following announcement from Team Beattie yesterday? "A re-elected Beattie Government will save first home buyers $98 million in stamp duty and mortgage duty over the next three years. Premier Peter Beattie said under the reforms a first home buyer will pay no mortgage...
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    Maxing out tax deductions

    I was recently challenged to contribute more .. so here goes. With a healthy tax refund of 20K+ last year, I am realising the laws of dimishing effectiveness of the wonderfully effective tax system (still a salary earner). When I started with IPs, I did not envisage a situation where I...
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    What's the story? Why have we lost Brains. I think we need interesting and intelligent conversation. The Forum is almost more important in a challenging market than in an easy market. We have over 10 IPs and found the Forum about a year ago - but it has been less interesting lately.
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    Are we the misers?

    The Independent ( just published the following story, based on a survey by Yahoo! Personal Finance. "Start saving: the dream lifestyle will cost you £2.6m (or 94 years' wages)" They surveyed x hundred people, and costed...
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    Negative gearing at risk? Fin Review article.

    Hi. An article in today's Fin Review argues that the 50% reduction in capital gain for taxation purposes, is at risk if the property is negatively geared for the duration of ownership. That if bought for speculative purposes, or capital gain, and never making a profit throughout the period of...
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    2003 - Impact on Net Worth

    Hi - I have just done the end of year - net worth calculation. My partner doesn't quite believe the calculation - "but take off what we owe the bank", he said. I already had. Property, at least in this boom, sure beats working.
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    After decade of growth - apartment glut in US

    Thought you might be interested in this article in the New York Times today: Apartment Glut Forces Owners to Cut Rents in Much of U.S. November 29, 2003 By DAVID LEONHARDT Edited due to...
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    Tenant requesting long lease

    Hi! We have just had some new tenants request a five year lease. This might be an early sign of a trend - older tenants who have not bought seeking security. Our PM advised No - that it is hard or impossible to raise the rent. They moved in on a one year lease and have made the request...
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    Currency trading

    Hello bearers of all sorts of knowledge. Last week someone at work was talking about paying thousands of dollars for a course in currency trading. I have been following a thread on options trading - so I did a search on Currency trading. This does not seem to have been discussed much on...
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    Media article - Revealed: the great stock market swindle

    The following might be of interest to those interested in the property versus shares (long term hold) debate. "Revealed: the great stock market swindle Periodic catastrophic declines that destroy years of accumulated profits are the norm, not the exception, writes David Schwartz...
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    Demolition before 40 years of building allowance/capital works deductions?

    One of our IPs is on a fantastic acreage block - but not a fantastic house, say 16 squares with a double car port. About 14 years old. What if we demolished it and rebuilt? Can you write off the undepreciated part of the building allowance, as you can for other items you depreciate when you...
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    The Internet and housing prices

    Hi, I'm relatively new and this may already have been discussed. I am wondering whether the Internet (all of us on this Forum,, etc) is having a bigger impact on the housing market than is being attributed by most commentators. Yes, interest rates are low, economic growth...
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    Return on equity

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking for a couple of weeks and this is my first post. I am interested in the % return on equity that people are achieving and targeting. I have had a written plan for over a year and it has made an extraordinary difference. My strategy is buy and hold although we are...