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    ownership title for investment property

    Hi, we are thinking of purchasing our first IP. In terms of ownership of our IP, we are thinking that it will only be owned by my hubby, as it is negative gearing and he is higher income than me. However, the loan will be in both me and my husband name, as we use our own house as...
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    use of buyer agent/ buyer advocate

    Hi, I am considering buying an investment property for the first time. I am thinking of buying in the western suburbs, even though I live in the eastern suburbs. Reason is that the price in the western suburbs are more affordable. As I do not know the western suburbs well, I am...
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    buying of property with long lease guaranteed by Housing Commission

    Hi, I came across this property from REIV site: It is something new to me, i.e. the property come with long lease from Housing Commission. What I know about Housing Commission are usually those...
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    is Ringwood/ Ringwood East a good place to stay?

    Hi, I am seeking for advice to purchase our own house. I started looking at Vermont, as heard that it is pretty decent suburb. However, it is not too close to train station, and the price seems to be picking up. Now I am looking at Ringwood/ Ringwood East as the price is definitely much...
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    buying a timber house

    Hi, I am new to Australia, I am looking for a house and I came across a timber house for sale. it looks very nice. However, this is the first time I came across a timber house (most of the time it is brick veneer house, so I assume timber house is not common?) Any advice on what are the pro...
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    which suburb in Melb is a better buy?

    Hi, I am new to this country. I am looking at buying a property to live in. For the kid's education, I want to stay near a reasonably good public school. I am also looking at location that is near the train station and also not too far from the city (say 20km). I am currently looking at...