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    Very bad experience with a property managers

    Makes you wonder how many times they have tried this approach before and gotten away with it?
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    Has anyone attended the Cherie Barber - Renovating for profit course recently?

    I believe she is supplying ; 1 x step by step guide for renovate to sell 1 x step by step guide for renovate to rent I believe they are the internal and external design specs. Does anyone have a copy of these i could copy? Happy to return the original and of course reimburse you for...
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    What's gonna stop the Sydney boom?

    Shadow, are you on the northern beaches? If so, how long have you been there? Did you see this growth where you are?
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    buffer - How much is eonugh

    $5K per property? But how is much the property??? How much is the risk??? The buffer should be proportional to the risk and that which you feel personally comfortable with.
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    Buyers agents in Melbourne.

    I went to one of Lisa Parkers seminars a couple of years back. She was suggesting to buy in regional area such as Miles and Chinchilla. I think she even bought in there herself. :eek: Those areas have been a disaster.
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    Tax Free Threshold Query

    Perfect response Terry, thank you. Does this situation occur often? I'd imagine the ATO would look out for things like this? I have depreciation reports supporting my case, surely this presents a strong argument? If i can do it, would it be the most tax effective way to go?
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    Tax Free Threshold Query

    Thank you for your opinion Ace. Let me clarify my position further ; I have $48,200 of deductions under my own name ($18,200 TFT + 30K of deductions). I can earn/pay myself this much without paying any tax. I could put $10K back into the business and therefore pay myself say, $50K from...
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    Tax Free Threshold Query

    My apologies, I have currently been paying myself the profit (approx 40K) and keeping the business neutral (no profit).
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    Tax Free Threshold Query

    Through a company. My plan is to also sell properties in the coming years under my own name (each have approx 150K CG). By choosing option 1, i could accumulate my personal loan to the business. If i decide to sell a property, i wouldn't pay myself anything from the business that year, i would...
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    Tax Free Threshold Query

    Hi all, i'm hoping you can help me with my situation. I own my own business (currently paying myself approx. $40K) but also have multiple neutrally geared properties under my own name with depreciation (giving me approx $30K of tax deductions). How is it best to manage my tax? Option 1. Pay...
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    Any see the Nathan Birch interview with Kochie on Sunrise?

    208 comments... Ouch!
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    Any see the Nathan Birch interview with Kochie on Sunrise?

    Pretty sure the cash-flow sheet included all the other holding costs ie. landlords insurance and rental manager. Don't think the stamp duty or BA was factored in though, assuming these are coming from an LOC, i'd imagine one should include these?
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    Any see the Nathan Birch interview with Kochie on Sunrise?

    I've the seen the cash-flow sheets of some of the properties presented by Binvested. The cash-flow was calculated excluding a 20% cash deposit. Even then it was barely positively cash-flowed. Is this a common methodology?