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    Help! Dead mice inside my walls!!

    Three mice have decided to die inside the walls of three different rooms in my house, and the smell is just terrible! :eek: Any suggestions??? :o
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    iNBiB ... Yes, no or maybe?

    Has anybody had anything to do with these guys - iNBiB : International Business and Introduction Brokers, A relative is thinking of listing a huge parcel of subdividable land with them, $1200 upfront (refundable in some circumstances) then about 2% commission on sale. I have...
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    Andrew Bolt ... Free speech goes down.

    We can't say anything that upsets anyone now? Well, we can only hope that this latest injustice will act as a stimulus for Australians to get their own 'Freedom of Speech' legislation passed, can't we. Oops, I hope I didn't upset anyone by saying that! ;)
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    Lease break... PM asks us to drop $20pw!

    Is this common? Four months into a 12 month lease our PM rings and says that our current tenants have had a marriage split and are breaking the lease, but he has some fabulous tenants to take over (both have great jobs, no pets, no kids) but they only want to pay $290 pw instead of the $310 on...
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    Gladstone...from a Distance.

    I am interested... How many here have bought IP's in this red hot area (Gladstone QLD) without having travelled to see the property at all, but have relied only on the word of a professional/s in the area? I know it should be OK using the right people, but I am nervous about trusting anybody...
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    Foreclosure time-extension negotiated initially?

    I notice that with my mortgage the bank (CBA) can call-in their money with only 30 days notice (standard clause) any time at all just because they feel like it. I was just wondering if anybody has had any success negotiating that time to 90 days, or 120 days, in order to give yourself a...
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    Bricklayers...How much?

    What should I be budgeting to get a house-lot of standard size bricks laid on a level site in town? (About 8000 bricks, just the laying, not the supply) I think they work on a rate per thousand laid. Thanks. :) (P.S. I typed in 'bricklayer' in the search engine but nothing in there.)
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    Renting rooms to Uni students...Am I mad?

    I am thinking of buying a six-bedroom house near a University. It is for sale for $250,000 and I can charge $110 per week for each room (plus utilities). If I give it to a property manager to handle the letting, and if I accept only full-time students, and if I furnish it with chunky...