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  1. Jamie_

    Where To Rent (Sydney)

    Hi All, Trying to help a friend who is moving to Sydney for work (Has just got a job working at a Restaurant at "The Rocks" so she is after something close to the CBD where she can either ride/walk/bus or somewhere close to the train line where she can use that.. Having never lived in Sydney I...
  2. Jamie_

    Compulsory Land Acquisition & Tax?

    Hello, Just looking for some information regarding compulsory land acquisitions... My folks have forcibly had to sell a small easement/parcel of a rural property over in Victoria back to the local government body (I believe) Coliban Water. What we are trying to find out is if they will have to...
  3. Jamie_

    Newbie Help - Offset Account

    Hi All, Relatively new poster here, been lurking for awhile though as do most in the "Where to Buy" sub forum :P. : Questions: - Should we be dumping our salaries directly into the offset account rather than paying our mortgage at the start of the month and then as we build up a buffer in our...