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    HECS debt and death.

    My 50 something sister in law has just enrolled in an Arts degree that she has absolutely no intention of using for anything else than her own self education. Now I have no problem with that at all, except that I have just found out she is eligible for a HECS ( I think it is HELP now?). I...
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    Netflix..what are you watching??

    So, with Optus offering 6months free Netflix I am asking???? What is on?? What are you watching?
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    Free Social Media Policy

    Our workplace solutions company has produced this Free Social Media Policy download. I thought it might be useful :)
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    Home designed by 8 year old boys :)

    A feel good article of how twin 8 year old boys designed their house. Have your kids given you any serious design ideas?
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    Bluetooth headpiece thingys

    I think hubby needs yet another bluetooth thing for his phone. I usually buy a Plantronics bluetooth from Hong Kong. Because he wears them all day everyday, they only seem to last around 12-18 months before they start getting scratchy and people have trouble hearing him. What...
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    US "burner" phones

    Stupid question Sooo watching NCIS and again on US tv they cannot track the bad guy because they have a burn phone. Riddle me this batman..... When the US are apparently so paranoid about terrorism how are these prepaid phones still untraceable? (Given that to get a prepaid here we have...
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    AU / NZ broker?

    From another forum. Does anybody know a broker that has experience with both the AU and NZ finance system? This lady has a house in NZ that has been rented out since 2012. The family wants to buy a house here in Aus but the bank keeps wanting her to sell the NZ property. I will add...
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    Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

    This is loads of fun Find the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born My song is Where Did Our Love Go by The Supremes What is yours?
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    An interesting read featuring our favourtite game -Monopoly

    An interesting read
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    Superannuation fund for under 18?

    We have just employed a lovely young man who is 17. I asked him to bring in his taxfile number and super details. He did not have any super, no problem...ask Mum and Dad to look into it and get back to me. Dad's preferred fund (colonial first state) does not do under 18. So the advice is...
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    Mindfulness Meditation .. For kids

    I recently stumbled on this interesting app. Smiling Mind. ( From their site... .. Smiling Mind?s mission is to provide accessible, lifelong tools based in Mindfulness Meditation. Following highly regarded institutions such as UCLA, Harvard, Oxford, Monash and...
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    Renters Insurance

    Interesting discussion on another forum.. The story:: Lady and her husband rent. While he was whipper snipping a stone broke the glass sliding door. :( Her Question: Was she liable? ( Obrien Glass quoted her $800) or could she pay the landlords excess? Everybody agreed she was liable and...
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    Cool little 24sqm apartment

    This is so cool :)
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    How long did it take you to save for your first property? This story suggests that 1/4 of today's first home buyers too, 5 years to save for their first home. Way back in the mid took my then hubby and I around...
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    First home buyers to be allowed to raid super to buy house.

    Soon, young people will be able to dip into their super fund to help them buy their first home. Or at least they will if independent Senator for South Australia Nick Xenophon gets his way. He plans on introducing legislative changes to the Spring session of Parliament that would allow first home...
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    Sim card for iPhone 5 for UK/Europe trip?

    Hello knowledgeable SS travellers :) I am travelling the UK and Europe (Germany, Italy, France) in October. What is the best value sim card to stick in my iPhone? I know there will be wifi in most hotels, but would still like to have a bit of data on my phone so I can tether my iPad and...
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    tips from Warren Buffet

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    Mindset Motivation Music

    I am getting a little tired of commercial radio :( All the songs seem to be filled with negativity and hatred. I would like to crate a playlist of Motivational songs. The kind of pop song that gets stuck in your head....but with a positive message :) Definitely better than the new Iggy...
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    LVR's for rural residential?

    Bank of Qld tell me I need 30% deposit for a 15ha block with bitumen road and power on the block. Do all banks need comm rates and LVR's for a "tree change"? No real biggie, but would like to preserve some cash if we can :)
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    ING Superannuation

    Does anybody have the ING superannuation where you came invest directly into ASX shares.? Is it really as they say, whereby you can actually choose where your money is.? Our super is currently with another fund that we an...