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  1. Kent Cliffe

    Alternate Consturction in Perth

    Hi fellow Perth forum junkies, I have a favour to ask as I'm doing a little bit of research and would like to leverage off everyone's collective eyes. Can anyone point me in the direction of any large scale apartment projects in Perth metro that have used steel frame construction?
  2. Kent Cliffe

    Perth Home Buyer & Property Investor Show

    Hi All, I have the opportunity to give away free tickets to the Expo this weekend (Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd). Send me a message if you're interested. Thanks, Kent
  3. Kent Cliffe

    Personal Project: Bayswater WA mini-apartments

    I've decided to write an ongoing post similar to what other 'somersoftians' (westminster :)) have done in the past to share some information and help build knowledge for everyone. After some quick negotiations on Friday I am happy to announce I am the new owner of (subject to Due Diligence)...
  4. Kent Cliffe

    STOP City of Stirling W.A.

    I don't normally get too involved in politics, but this is a worthy cause:
  5. Kent Cliffe

    Perth Property Development Seminar

    Hi All, I'm not too sure where to post this, but this gives the best description. Last month we ran a development seminar that was a booked out (225+ attendees). For the people who missed out, we are running an overflow seminar. This will be held at our office and presented by Managing...
  6. Kent Cliffe

    Win for Negative Gearing Great to see some people are starting to realize this is actually a rent subsidy and will stick around!
  7. Kent Cliffe

    Perth Home Buyer and Property Investor Show - This weekend!

    Hi All, I know everyone on here loves freebies and as Damian is one of the main key note speakers at the event we have been given access to some limited free tickets. Here are details on the show: Seminar topics will include: ◦How to research...
  8. Kent Cliffe

    My Search Software - Target out of area agents

    Hi All, This has nothing to do with Momentum Wealth as I've been interested in property before I started with them. This project has been done 100% by me. A little project of mine was to target out of area agents to put offers on properties. The reason for this includes: 1) They didn't...