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  1. iinvestor

    build and sell OR sell land

    Own a 809m2 subdivided land (Corinda, Brisbane) with an old house rented currently.. My dilemma is whether to, sell the house and land as is or - get rid of the old house - building 2 new 2 storey house and sell - quote/house $300k Question - what is demolition cost ( house is most...
  2. iinvestor

    Property and suburb portfolios

    Need to do some research on property and suburb portfolios in Brisbane before i purchase a property. Looking at trends, best performing suburb, school around the suburb. I know rpdata is the ultimate tool, but is there any other tool or free sites around? help is much appreciated
  3. iinvestor

    Best variable interest rate???

    Hi, i have 4 IP and all 4 loans are with ANZ with a variable rate of 4.62%. In anyone else with any of the other banks receiving a better rate? Im thinking about negotiating with the bank for a better rate. What are your thoughts? what is the best site to compare interest rates...
  4. iinvestor

    Amalgamating subdivided land

    Hi, In Brisbane is it possible to amalgamate subdivided land? looking for a large block, and thinking about buying 2 lots of subdivided 483m2 land and amalgamating them. If it is possible, what is the process?
  5. iinvestor

    Damage to carpet by storm

    Hi, Im a tenant in a property. I had left the ranch slider opened but had locked the aluminum sliding doors. Due to the severe storm in brisbane last week, the carpet got wet. Who is responsible for cleaning the carpet? The agent is asking me to pay for the clean. Much appreciated.
  6. iinvestor

    Tax Claim

    Would anyone please advice, if the course fee Property related course or seminars is tax claimable? If so, what section of the tax do we need to include it under? The course im trying to claim is Dymphna Much appreciated.
  7. iinvestor

    Material Change of Use

    Looking into building a duplex on a 700m2 land on a LDR zoned property in Sunnybank Hills. Has anyone been successful in getting it approved by the council? What are the steps involved? Is it worth spending the money to go through with it? Would you need a submit a material change of...
  8. iinvestor


    Hi, Own a 700m2 block in Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane, QLD. Looking at possibilities of construction a duplex on the block. Zoned as LDR. Does anyone have any experience in construction a duplex in Brisbane? Where should i start? Bank, has requested the following to be able to borrow...
  9. iinvestor

    Acerage in Brisbane

    It has always been my dream to buy a large block of land and sit on it for a while and go into a JV to subdivide the land and sell them. Recently found an acerage in Brisbane and within my budget. What do i need to find out about the land to subdivide in the future? Will the council...
  10. iinvestor

    Zoning codes

    Hi, Does anyone have a document or points in the right direction to get the full details of what the zoning codes stand for? Do those zoning codes apply to the whole of Australia or it is just for Qld or Brisbane? Thanks
  11. iinvestor

    Floor plans

    Hi, anyway of getting floor plans of a property. Just to have a look before i purchase the property? council website?
  12. iinvestor

    second hand shop in brisbane

    Does anyone know any good 2nd tools shop in brisbane. Doing a diy laminate install. My shopping list is as follows Removing Tiles - knee pads - masks - safety glass* - Tile chisel* - hammer - rotary hammer with chisel head ( if tile is hard to remove) - long handle grout remover*...
  13. iinvestor

    DIY Laminate flooring

    Just thing about doing my first DIY in installing laminate flooring for my one bedroom apartment. Would anyone be able to give me some tips and answer few of my questions below - any good videos online with good standard practice to install the laminate? have watched a few on youtube, but few...
  14. iinvestor

    what is common property

    I own an apartment in Qld. My ranch slider door leading to my balcony does not function properly and its hard to open and close the doors. Who would be responsible for the repairs? Can i get the body corp to look after the repairs? Is the ranch slider party of the common property? Any...
  15. iinvestor


    This property is on sale with a total areas of 900m2, 70 and 72 (2 lots, 1 title). An old house is situated on 72. Zoning of LDR. configuration as per pic Has anyone got any ideas on what i can do with this lot? Both properties have access to the road. boundary...
  16. iinvestor

    diagonal subdivison qld

    just found a property sitting on a 810m block with 2 lots. Did a bit of research to find out that the 2 lots are subdivided diagonally. eg Can someone please explain why someone would subdivide a land diagonally...
  17. iinvestor


    Hi, 9 months ago, I was one of the owner occupied apartment which was affected by the fire The body corp looked after the repairs. They wanted $70 to test my AC unit and...
  18. iinvestor

    Zoning - Corinda - Brisbane

    Hi, Recently bought an old property sitting in the middle of 2 x subdivided lots. Looking at the zoning on it states the property is zoning LR. Just 100m down the road, i have seen apartments and the zoning as per the above...
  19. iinvestor

    Insurance claim

    Hi, My apartment was affected by the fire and the whole block has been closed for repairs since June 2013. With regards to the repairs, i have been advised by the insurance company that due to the damage to the kitchen benchtop, it has to be replaced. Happy with the result, but now it...
  20. iinvestor

    Loan Declined..Help please.

    Our offer on a property has been declined by the bank's 3rd party insurance company, the reason being it is a Serviced Apartment and LMI cannot be considered. The reason the bank has gone for the 3rd party insurance company is because our total borrowings has gone over $1M. Our intention of...