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    First Big Purchase

    Hi all... current portfolio = approx. 1.4M mortgaged at around 70%. We are looking... possibly pipe-dreaming at a project somewhere between $2M - $3M. The basic numbers stack up -- but very worried about overpaying, and also worried about serviceability. Property is currently grossing...
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    HELLLLLLLPPPP! After very slow market - we decided to see if there was interest in rent-to-buy as a way of getting a decent price & return on our IP in a country mining town. Got a big response -- over 100 asking for information pack. We have one serious buyer - who is keen to go ahead...
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    Its nice to have OPTIONS

    I'm interested in exploring an 'OPTION to BUY' for my next investment property or development. Has anyone done this before? (experiences please). Better still does anyone have a document they have used in the past? Can anyone recommend a solicitor in Toowoomba or Brisbane that is...
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    Leasing IP to Mining Companies etc

    Hi All, Has anyone successfully leased their IP's directly to a mining or transport company in central or Nth Qld ?? We have a few IPs in Nth Qld.. but never seem to get the perfect lease - its always just locals. Any hints/strategies? How do the mining companies usually organise their...
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    Older Property: is depreciation schedule worthwhile?

    hi all... probably a silly question. Just bought an IP and found out it is 33 yrs old (nice bonus as we hadn't expected any depreciable value left). Built 1979. Can anyone advise how a quantity surveyor woudl calculate its original construction cost? I assume it was quite cheap to build in...