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  1. Rixter

    Somersoft Goodbye Thread

    Dream Believe Create Succeed.
  2. Rixter

    There is a Wealth of Gold to be found here....

    Farewell Somersoft. You have been the best source of Property Investment Information & Resources. There is literally Priceless Gold educations to found here in the vault. Good luck to all those who take action with it..Because taking action to apply the knowledge is the Key. Have...
  3. Rixter

    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    It's not..that's why I think that's what he is meaning.
  4. Rixter

    Changes / tightening on servicing for investors

    I think he's meaning the 15% cap compared to income outside a SMSF
  5. Rixter

    Pros and Cons Of Using Equity To Buy Properties

    I'm not aware anyone would purchase a property using a margin loan other than purchasing shares.
  6. Rixter

    Good Property Solicitor North Brisbane

    ABKJ Gold Coast Lawyers - Amber Page is very good.
  7. Rixter

    Adding sun room to a town house?

    Have a look in your Body Corporate minutes....if you dont have them, contact your BC manager and ask. Generally any alterations to the outside appearance requires BC approval.
  8. Rixter

    End of an Era

    Glad to help albanga..
  9. Rixter

    too many IPs

    I'm using Property Manager Pro
  10. Rixter

    too many IPs

    I have a substantial size portfolio spread across many states. I dont find it time consuming at all. About 30 minutes per month and that's for data entry (of PM & bank statements) into my property management accountancy program. At the end of the financial year I run off a report and email it...
  11. Rixter

    Hot water unit in main bedroom wardrobe.

    Its a terrible spot to have it installed. Not practical from an ower's storage perspective. I think you will find it will cost you to have it relocated though as OTP contracts are written in favour of the builder. Yet another reason to steer clear of OTP.
  12. Rixter

    New Split System?

    WoW...thanks for that. I leave all that day to day IP issue stuff to my PM's to take care of.
  13. Rixter

    New Split System?

    The one that makes AC's :) not vehicles. ;)
  14. Rixter

    End of an Era

    I've have been on Somersoft since it was given birth to back in 1999. I would like to thank Jan & Ian Somers for kindly providing this wondering medium for us all to learn and share the world of property investment. Thank you to Sim and and all the current moderators including all the ones...
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    Development Feasibility Spreadsheet Template

    This thread was posted 10 months ago..I wonder if he's completed it yet?
  16. Rixter

    Please recommend Perth accountant

    Warren Black's on my team. His business is Wealthsafe.
  17. Rixter

    New Split System?

    Mitsubishi.....competitively priced and long warranty period.
  18. Rixter

    advice needed on first investment property

    Satellite CBD's are suburban hubs scattered around metropolitan areas of state capitals. Areas containing good supporting infrastructure with main arterial roads in/out of the suburb, with public transport hubs, high employment, major shopping precincts, good educational, medical &...
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    Yet another Brisbane thread... $650k budget

    I can strongly recommend reading this book by, Jan Somers More was the catalyst for me and my property investment strategy.
  20. Rixter

    advice needed on first investment property

    Yeah, upper mt gravatt, carindale, etc.....look to where the big shopping towns like westfields are.