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  1. Mike

    Changing a lightbulb

    Hi, Does anybody have any views on this...? My property manager e-mailed me this recently. Just a quick email - we did a maintenance inspection at your property yesterday and the tenants reported that the light in the stairwell isn't working. It is the tenants responsibility to change...
  2. Mike

    Tax Tips 2003

    Courtesy of Taxpayers Australia: Tax Tips 2003 Tax Tips archive Mike
  3. Mike

    Choose your builder carefully

    Hi, Came across three case studies of poor building quality on this UK site. I suggest you save it and show it to potential builders and your solicitor to ensure that you have an easy legal out if you are dissatisfied with the quality of progress or completed work...
  4. Mike

    Enhanced mode

    Hi, When you are replying or starting a new thread you have a choice of a few code tags selectable by buttons above the message box. When formatting your text the tags must enclose the text. To the left of the tag buttons is a bullet option for vB Code where the options are Normal Mode...
  5. Mike

    New Zealand trust articles

    "In terms of entities to acquire a property, I think it is relatively simple. "If a property is going to run at a tax loss for a few years, then I am in favour of a loss attributing qualifying company (LAQC). "The benefit of this is that it is easy to transfer shares between shareholders...
  6. Mike

    Valuation Report Sample

    Hi Folks, Came across this sample valuation in PDF format which is attached. I've copy-pasted the highlights to give you an idea. Occasionally we do get enquiries asking what valuation reports contain so this should help. If anybody else has purchased independent valuations and would like to...
  7. Mike

    Can we have a wider message box?

    Hi Sim, Just wondering if you can make the message box when we create a post a little wider, please? There is plenty of space to the right of the box which could be utelised. Regards, Mike
  8. Mike

    Links to all Australian local council websites

    Hi, Through the power of Google I've collated the links to local goverment sites which contain directories of local council websites. Hope you find it useful. Local Government Directory - NSW Local Government...
  9. Mike

    Caveat Emptor poll

    Hello, folks, Thanks for your respnse to the poll question, "Have you participated in any deal presented by others to Caveat Emptor?" at The result shows quite clearly from the majority "No" answer that, for various reasons...
  10. Mike

    Doing business with like minded people

    Hi, The title of this thread was inspired by a recent thread started by Sunstone called Surrounding yourself with like minded people The theme of that particular thread was "Do you consciously concentrate on surrounding yourself with positive likeminded people and avoid being with "gunnas"...
  11. Mike

    Brisbane buyer's agent - Scott McGeever

    Hi Folks, Back in January 2001 the first discussion about buyer's agents appeared on the Somersoft forum. Not a lot was known about them then and the overwhelming response by many of our members who participated in those discussions was largely negative. Some held the view that sourcing IPs...
  12. Mike


    Not sure how useful this one is but if you like spreadsheets is worth a look. "This spreadsheet is to be used to calculate and record contributions to Council resulting from conditions of development permits. At the bottom of the calculation sheet there is a section for signing by both the...
  13. Mike

    Software upgrade new features

    Hi Sim, Just wondering whether there are any new bells and whistles in the new software upgrade and whether you will incorporate any of them? Regards, Mike
  14. Mike

    Mortgage brokers in the news again

    Ya just can't keep the subject of mortgage brokers out of the news.:) Okay, here are the links: Pioneers decry 'shonky' brokers By Peter Switzer April 08, 2003,4057,6254550%255E521,00.html Media and information releases 03-102 ASIC...
  15. Mike

    Buying below market value

    Just thought this question might make an interesting poll. I've allowed multiple choice.
  16. Mike

    A Sydney property book

    Hi, Found this while trawling the internet. Quote - "At one point or another almost everyone considers purchasing or selling residential real estate. Whether it's investing in property for the first time or as an astute property investor, this guide is sure to have answers to many of the...
  17. Mike

    Caveat Emptor suggestion

    Hi Folks, The Somersoft forum is a great place for talking about property and investing issues which should naturally lead to a property purchase occasionally. I know many of you like to source property deals yourself so you are probably not going to be interested in any deals posted on...
  18. Mike

    Another FREE newsletter

    Hi Folks, After evaluating the first three issues of this offering from Lisa Orme and finding it contained some useful stuff I got Lisa's approval to recommend her newsletter to the membership of this board. Lisa is a full-time property investor based in the UK and has a website which is...
  19. Mike

    Posting guidelines reminder

    Hi Folks, Your feedback about the Somersoft forum whether as a comment in a post or a Private Message is always welcomed by me personally and I'm sure that goes for the other moderators, too. It shows that you care about the board and displays a sense of community we are trying to foster...
  20. Mike

    Department of Infrastructure (DOI)

    Department of Infrastructure (DOI) Useful site including a database based on 1981-1996 census statistics. Know Your Area Know Your Area provides data about the people of...