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  1. erwinsie

    sell now, cgt exempt OR wait and got cgt ?

    hello. im a novice investor, bought a property years ago, live there for a while then rent it out. now 5 years later, considering 6-years cgt exempt rule, im thinking to sell it. is this a wise decision? should i sell it before 6 years or keep it ? i am blind about tax. is the saving from...
  2. erwinsie

    6-years rule CGT exempt has Change ?

    hello.. havent visit this site for long time, i have a few query.. first: i heard that the 6 years rule to avoid cgt is change now. before: after you lease out your property for less than 6 years, if you come back live in there for few months, the 6 years rule will be reset-ed. you now...