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    Looking for a calculator.

    Full list of calculators Hi, hope this helps... Can I afford an investment property calculator and.. i know you mentioned you had seen plenty of variations, but ours shoots back some extras via email How much can I borrow By the way, I work for these magazines. Cheers,
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    Perth - Start of New Boom 2011 ?

    Hmm - Plug but a useful one Alright, full disclosure - I work for Your Investment Property mag Here's our answer to your question, sourced from here's the article for you guys and gals - per May 09 (you'll need to grab a copy if you want the...
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    Units vs. houses

    Follow up - Units to trump houses in terms of investment profits Highlights from this similar article: John Edwards, CEO of Residex explained that on a very long term basis, the growth rate for units is normally some 1% to 1.5 % less than house and land assets. However, the recent data...
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    Units vs. houses

    Apparently Units are gaining in market share based on a shift in the Australian family model. The Australian Dream used to equate to owning a modest suburban house, equipped with a barbecue and garden. Inside was the typical nuclear family. Highlights: What to buy: In Sydney, Brisbane and...
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    Auctions are becoming ever more competitive

    Highlights: Australian auction clearance rates are at their highest in two years. With fewer properties on the market in parts of the country, buyers have been increasingly hunting for rarer options. According to figures published in the Australian, auction clearance rates have been...